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At FAO, the party ran smoothly until Kate slipped into her groove of dismantling any potential camaraderie or goodwill and started a scene. The dispute arose when Kate eyed a fashionable mother and daughter whom she wanted to model for her team's trend story about the party. Because I know I look to 9-year-olds and their Botoxed, indeterminately aged mothers for my fashion guidance. Either way, Kate behaved like another kid just stole the last ice cream cone, when Johanna's team snagged the mother-daughter pair that Kate wanted. Kate caused such a scene, in fact, that Brett had to intervene. Ultimately, Cologne bowed out of the fight on behalf of her team and caused Kate to lose that for which she just made a massive ass out of herself. U-G-L-Y, Kate ain't got no alibi...

The teams headed off to their photo shoots with Kate intent on destroying the teammates who wouldn't give her the preeeeeecious. That finished, they returned to the office to design their pages, and Kate decreed a fashion fatwa on monochromatic metallics. CK1 and Ashlie overruled her and continued designing their trend page. Night and day, day and night, Kate barreled on in her crusade against metallics, until it was time for panel. Turned out, Anne wasn't really digging metallics either. Guess Kate wasn't so off-base about her affinities to the Slow-minator. Though I'd wager their similarities lie in qualities other than Anne's irrepressible effervescence.

After another tearful bus-tossing elimination, aspiring model CK1 Cologne was given her strutting papers. If you're in Berkeley, I'm sure you'll be able to smell her wafting a lovely, light floral scent with base notes of national humiliation through the air. FYI: Her dream in life is to start a clothing line called "Oh de Cologne." Now that I could not have made up if I tried.

Cologne's adieu sent Ashlie into a crazed Diva rant. There was much gut-wrenching grieving and awkward consolation as, per usual, Megan stood in contemptuous judgment. By this time, Kate had figured out her place as the group whipping girl. The teams headed home, giving us a never-seen moment that spells out that rabid hatred and frantic finger pointing. Danielle initiates the blame game was Danielle, and boy does she rock the mob mentality as well as any of them. She calls Kate out for being a bullshit artist who derails others because she can't do teamwork. Ashlie TH's, and I quote, "It disheartens me to think that a freakin' NFL wannabe cheerleader with fake boobs is in her place... Who reads ELLE like she's looking at Playboy. She called Playboy a 'beautiful magazine.' Are you kidding me right now?" Love it! Dyshaun diplomatically explains to Kate that it was hard to let Cologne go because they loved her so much. Kate persisted in her "instincts"-driven delusion that she could win this thing.

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