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Personal Shoppers

Joe Zee turns his attention to Danielle. She says she was nervous due to her size limitations. Joe Zee compliments her use of color to accessorize, saying it's very this-season and that she "get[s] it." Danielle breathes a sigh of relief. Just a warning, girl: They were all super-nice to Toccara in the beginning, too...

Joe Zee sends them back to Brett for their first editorial challenge. The challenge offers a chance to prove their style and update their look, courtesy of H&M. And to that, I say, If it's good enough for MichELLE Obama, it's good enough for me. Brett says H&M has a wide range of clothing and that the minions will have no problem finding many fab looks there. As a former size 14, I dispute that claim on Danielle's behalf.

Brett explains that the minions will work in three teams, which Ashlie will choose since she won the assistant task. She spells out that this is a great advantage and chance to strategize. (Remember when reality contestants had half a brain and didn't have to have this kind of stuff spelled out for them? As Edith Bunker howled, "Those were the days!") For her team, she chooses Johanna, Cologne, and Dyshaun. She puts Arnaldo, Danielle, and Megan on the second team. The final team includes Kate, Devin, William, and Jason. William concludes his is the bush league team of this competition, per Joe Zee's assessment.

That night, the stylistas-in-training come home to their new digs. Megan lurches around, judging everything she sees, as per usual. Kate TH's that Megan has gotten to her. The feeling is mutual. In another room, Megan jokes to Dyshaun and William that she's stuck in a room with "Boobs." Dear sweet Jesus, she is unequivocally the worst nickname-giver ever. As it were, Kate hears this slight and awesomely kicks Megan out of their room. Dyshaun earns no points when he says that Kate's sole reason for being is to be the house punching bag... or "two, large punching bags," as it were. Once she has to face the actual consequences of her surliness, Megan bitches about sleeping on the couch and TH's that she might go insane from dealing with these inexperienced morons.

Elsewhere, Johanna offers to help Kate find a more appropriate outfit. She pities Kate, who does not understand why her chi chi-centric outfits aren't work-appropriate. Kate gets a lost puppy look as she tries to find a single garment that doesn't showcase her knockers.

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