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At the loft, Jason gets choked up as he tells Danielle, Ashlie, and CK1 about his rash. Ashlie says it will score him points to persevere. She reminds him that he has to be there for the judgment so his teammates can't railroad him. Jason agrees that he'll have to go to the mattresses against his scheming teammates.

While Jason sleeps, everyone gathers 'round the kitchen table. Kate reiterates her theory that Megan screwed over Ashlie by putting her with the perceived weaklings. Megan unconvincingly and unenthusiastically feigns innocence. Ashlie gets cocky, screaming "In yo' face!" at Megan on account of Team KAD's against-the-odds success.

Megan TH's that she wants Ashlie to go. They move to the kitchen, and she asks Ashlie why Ashlie treats her so badly. Ashlie says she is only reflecting the rudeness that Megan puts out. Megan interviews that she's never said anything negative to Ashlie and is baffled why Ashlie has such a low estimation of her. She follows this up by calling Ashlie a diva. So much for that defense. Megan should start eating Twinkies right now in the event that a court case comes out of this show. Once the name-calling has been initiated, Ashlie lets loose, telling Megan she ain't seen nothin' yet and calling her evil, the Devil's spawn, Rosemary's baby, you name it.

The next morning, the teams arrive at ELLE two hours before their presentations. Jason says for the millionth time that he's nervous. He disappears into the bathroom and has a full-on, hyperventilating, sweat-dripping panic attack. Several people try to help him, and they finally call 911. The EMTs strap an oxygen mask onto his face and carry him from the building in a wheelchair. Commercials.

Back at the office, we flash back on Jason's panic attack and his insistence on staying to defend himself to Anne. Ashlie tells Jason's team not to sacrifice him to the altar of Slowey, but Megan calls the remark inappropriate and is all, "LA-LA-LAAAAA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" because that is exactly what she is going to do. They both scream about how much drama the other creates. Ashlie claims that this is The Megan Show, and Megan shoots back that it's really The Ashlie Show while snapping three times in a 'Z' formation and screaming "Fab-u-lous!" Now who's inappropriate?

Seemingly oblivious to all of it, Kate suggests they all make a card for Jason. A nice gesture, sure, but I am truly at a loss with these dolts. Napoleon Dynamite would need to invent a new word for "Gosh!" after about 15 seconds with them. No time for synonyms now, though, because now I am having a panic attack over the hideous dead pigeon coat and Lohan-tight leggings that Malina is wearing as she and Brett walk in. Brett tells them that Jason will be back for judging. All Megan's psychological torture was for naught. And speak of the Devil's plaything, Jason returns, assuring that he will see this one through.

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