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Fashion for Dummies

Anne and the henchmen retire to her office for deliberations. Mark my words, kids: Team 2 will win, and Jason and Dyshaun will duke it out at elimination. The coven discusses Team 2 first. The team made some rookie mistakes and brazenly included a man in their spread but had an overall cohesive and readily apparent theme, unlike the other two. Anne again praises the product silhouettes and the team's willingness to bring something new (wedding fashion) to the magazine. On to Team KAD. The concept and effort were there, but the execution was weak. Essentially, their page proved that excellent ideas don't mean squat without competent execution. As for Megan's militia and their "disaster" of a page. Joe Zee complains that it looks like advertising -- unintelligible advertising at that. The repetitive photography simultaneously lulls Anne to sleep and terrifies her with its aggressive presentation of mushrooms (don't ask me). They all agree that Dyshaun's captioning snafu was unacceptable.

Brett emerges to announce the winner: Team 2. (One point for me.) Anne calls both of the other teams into her office. Once they're in, she lets Team KAD off the hook for being "less egregious." So generous with the compliments, that Anne Slowey! Anne also pardons Johanna and Megan for their instincts to feature health and beauty items. So much for Johanna's all-important Chinese skills. That leaves Dyshaun and Jason in the bottom two. (Two points for me!). Anne tells Dyshaun that his layout mix-up destroyed an otherwise fine page. She tells Jason that a good editor should make every element on the page sparkle, but his photography was lackluster. Without much ado, Anne congratulates Dyshaun and tells Jason he's not the right fit.

Jason and Dyshaun walk out to applause from their fellow contestants. As he packs up his stuff, Jason stands behind his decision to come back and defend himself. Ashlie tells Jason he's the most amazing person she ever met. A bit of a stretch, no? Jason says he plans to take this experience and roll with it. He steps into the elevator and rides back down to street level to live among the little people.

Next week: The Stylistas have to impress Anne's dour-faced, prepubescent niece and her friend who thinks a well-placed bow can right the wrong of a boyish bowl cut. That effort is about as misguided as Kate's choice to involve a bag piper in her task. Which she does. Johanna takes a leadership role, and guess who loudly voices her disapproval? If your answer rhymes with "hate," you win a little purse shaped like a cookie!

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