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Bungle, Oh Wait!

Malina hands out the dossiers and tells the minions that Anne is allowing them to take an item from the ELLE closet so they can look their best tomorrow. This is less exciting for Ruben-esque Danielle than the others. She decides to take a time-out while the other frantically paw the couture. She is embarrassed to dress in front of others -- that is, assuming anything in the closet would fit her. She fears she'll bring the team down. Johanna comes to talk to her, and she flees. Commercials.

We return to Johanna standing outside the bathroom, inside of which Danielle is having a full-on junior high-style insecurity attack. She regains her composure and rejoins the others in the closet. As she futilely peruses the fashion, someone else insensitively bitches that all the clothes are two sizes too big. Dyshaun offers to help Danielle, but she knows it's a lost cause. She does eventually find a few things, but she thought they were ugly and made her look stupid. Speaking of which, Johanna is now cramming herself into a strapless spandex body suit with knee-length pants. It might actually be Spanx, or it could be an outfit. Who knows? Either way, it looks like something that an '80s-era Debbie Gibson would have thrown a frilly hat, some wacky pins, and a porkpie hat over, then called it a day. The insensitive a-hole, it turns out, was actually Kate. Big shock. She declares, "I seriously want to just, like, eat three cheeseburgers tonight so I can fit into this dress." To which I say, "Shut up, Kate!" And, "Mmmmmm, cheeseburgers." Danielle sits nearby empty-handed and shakes her head.

Later, the teams prepare for the challenge, and Johanna asks Kate if she can have "a little input" on her dress, e.g. "I want to make sure your jugs aren't on full display, hooch." Kate consents, but insists she bring out the girls a little. Ashlie and Dyshaun happen to be in earshot of this conversation, and, while Johanna continues to try to engage Kate on an adult level, Ashlie runs over to Dyshaun and does a little Skip-it jig as they blatantly cackle. Johanna continues trying to talk Kate down from the booby ledge while Ashlie dances mockingly behind them.

Later, the minions bring pizza back to the loft for dinner. Danielle tells the others that she doesn't eat that much, despite her appearance. Even Dyshaun doesn't touch that with a 10-foot pole. Danielle TH's that losing weight and wearing skinny-girl fashions are low on her priority list. Back in the dining room, Danielle tells them she can't eat another bite, and Megan's all, "Then stop eating, fatty!"

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