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Bungle, Oh Wait!

Later, the members of Team 2 (Ashlie, Dyshaun, and Megan) laugh as they quiz themselves on party guests. Johanna thinks they're being too carefree. She is putting key facts about each guest on painstakingly constructed flash cards. Team 2, meanwhile, decides to split up the dossier so they each remember only 30-or-so names, not 85. Megan thinks their casual method is better than Johanna's uptight flash card scheme because "this is not brain surgery... or rocket science."

As usual, Kate gums up the works at Team 1. Just as she can't work on a team, she is unable to study in groups. She gives up on studying and decides to chow down on popcorn instead. Johanna is probably questioning that whole "photographic memory" trump card right about now.

Later, Danielle does some of her own muckraking. She not-so-innocently asks Johanna how a healthy (read: skinny) person like her sees Danielle. Johanna skirts the answer, reverting to the fact that high fashion is designed for skinnier people. Danielle launches into the sermon she had planned to give regardless of Johanna's answer, which is that she is not disgustingly overweight but actually pretty normal. She claims she doesn't want someone else to push their perception of beauty on her. In fact, Danielle probably is the size of an average American woman, which is all well and good... but she wants to live in New York and work in fashion. That's straight-up masochism. And she needs to know that if she's going to move forward because a lot of people will be far less diplomatic than Johanna. Ashlie essentially echoes my point -- still diplomatically -- but reality is a no-go for Danielle. She maintains her perch atop the plus-size soap box, telling them that she likes herself and that most of them hate themselves much more than she does. Presumptuous and offensive much? Ashlie nods her head because she has no idea what else to do, but Johanna matter-of-factly states that she thinks taller, thinner women are more attractive. Danielle tearfully TH's that this statement hurts her because other people probably agree, and she wonders what that means when they look at her. Don't get me wrong. Danielle is entitled to her opinions and feelings, but let's not go on some tirade about how self-hating skinny people are and how much you love yourself when you're essentially bawling over the notion that skinny people might not like you. It's fuzzy math, at best. And again? Don't go into fashion if you can't stomach its unrealistic standards of beauty. These things are unchanging and are probably, in fact, just getting worse. So save yourself some therapy bills, and don't do it!

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