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Bungle, Oh Wait!

Next, we are blessed with the luscious locks of party promoter Andre J., who is about eight varieties of dragalicious fierceness. Ashlie thinks her team's strategy of splitting up the list is paying off -- they haven't biffed an ID yet! Not so much for Johanna's crew. Megan revels in the failure of Johanna's pristine flash cards and Kate's supposed photographic memory. Johanna gives a beaten-down sigh and the party ends. Brett sends the peons back to ELLE downtown to design their party page in 90 minutes. She warns them that every photo must have a caption.

Back at the office, Johanna banks her team's layout after their poor party performance. They remain focused that they cannot misspell any names, so they opt for easier celebs like Nigel Barker. This complicates their requirement to give the page a cohesive theme. Team 2 is also paying attention to their spelling, as Dyshaun dictates a designer's name to Megan. But will he be right?

Layout's in full swing now, and Team 1 settles on the theme "Elite Street" to convey the high-powered party guests. Kate designs the layout, Johanna picks photos, and Danielle... types. Elsewhere, Team 2 spots several leather jackets and decides on a "(H)ELLE's Angels" theme. Team 1 lays out their final spread, and Kate worries that there is too much of the wood-paneled wall in their picture selection. She believes it makes it seem like the party took place in a sauna. The prevalence of coke-induced flop sweat probably doesn't help, either. Everyone stresses as they clock ticks down. Time's up, and Johanna frets that all the work she put into the year could be debunked by this "end all, be all" moment.

Back at the loft, Danielle also worries that she's going home. Megan thinks worry is wasted. I'll just give you the direct quote: "Why would I be nervous? It's just going to make it more difficult. And then I'm going to start second-guessing myself. And suddenly I'm going to be Johanna... with a slightly less constricting neckline." Heh. Johanna also fusses over layout and worries that Anne and her henchman will zero in on her for making bad choices. Layout mastermind Kate doesn't really seem to care, though. She has the freedom of someone who is in over her head. How liberating!

Now come the presentations. Prizes, prizes, prizes... blah, blah, blah. This week's special guest henchman is "Page Six" fashion columnist Paula Froelich.

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