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Bungle, Oh Wait!

Back in the lair, Anne praises Kate for asserting leadership and making her opinions known. She dittoes Kate's worry that the wooden wall panels are too ski lodge-y. Joe Zee keeps his post as Rules Boy by announcing that misidentification is unacceptable. Anne also knocks on Danielle for misidentifying one of the VIP's jobs. Joe Zee straps on his knee pads and kisses Anne's ass for a spell, complimenting her photo and saying it's the only one that makes him feel "inside" the party. As for Team 2, they appreciate the photo selection and how it captured the party's vibe. Anne loves the title but insists that it doesn't make up for Dyshaun's caption blunder. They also hate the wordiness of the dek because the page should really be about pictures. With that, deliberations conclude.

Brett walks out -- you know, I bet she really loves having to stay at work until like midnight to watch these idiots hang themselves -- and congratulates Team 2. Team 1 enters Anne's office. Anne claims Kate compensated for her space cadet behavior at the party by designing a good layout and fighting for her opinions. Kate's safe. Anne notes that Johanna hasn't been on a winning team since the first week. As well, she failed to ID people at the party and lead her team to a winning layout. Danielle, on the other hand, just sat there like a typing monkey and allowed a critical mistake make it to print. Anne thinks she's losing her voice in the competition, despite some growth. Finally, Anne congratulates Johanna.

Johanna walks out, and Megan is first to hug her. Everyone is supportive of Danielle. She TH's that she is floored she didn't make it to the final five and is sad that Anne doesn't recognize that certain people want this opportunity more than others. I love how every person's exit interview is basically a big ol' "Fuck you" to Kate. That's no small feat. Danielle doesn't regret participating in the competition because she persevered through a lot of things. Like what? You weren't exactly eating animal innards or deciding whether to cut off your hand and make a break for freedom. Either way, Danielle resolves to find something else that suits her perfectly. To which I say, "Yes, my child. Anything but fashion."

Next: The final five attend to the finicky needs of a supermodel, not to mention her dog's appetite for lasagna. (And, as they say, what goes down, must come up.) Kate and Ashlie pull off a rockin' photo shoot, yet somehow the pressure of success pushes Kate over the edge, and she possibly walks off the show. Also, Dyshaun shaves most of his facial hair. Now what will Kate throw under the bus? Gah!

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