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Thanks, Chlamydia!

Ashlie is greeted by hugs from all as Kate packs up. In her exit interview, she brags about how far she got without any experience. She cheerfully bids adieu to Ashlie, but TH's that she will be resplendently happy to be rid of Dyshaun and Megan. She admits that losing is hard, but she enjoyed seeing her work up on the screen. She concludes that she is on Team Ashlie as we see her getting an utterly baffled look on her face as the elevator door closes. Probably because she realized a split-second too late that she could have gotten away with the old "Maggie Rizer's dog ate my homework" excuse if only she'd tried. Damn it!

Next week: Each of The Final Four stage a runway show. Ashlie gets shady, Megan remains cutthroat, and Dyshaun appears to get his hands stuck in a model's pants.

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