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Everyone arrives at the hotel and starts beautifying. Dyshaun says Maggie requested a lot of food, which is a hilarious and kind of disturbing since she is a model. He decides to display the food, still wrapped, because nothing says elegance like a hunk of gouda with a bar code on it! As the others unpack their wares, we see more of the food Maggie ordered -- Johanna puts out cupcakes as she TH's that she needs to win after being a three-time loser. Kate puts out lasagna as she puts forth that that winning the challenge will prove her natural talent. With 10 minutes left, Maggie and her dogs arrive, and the minions scramble to put out more food -- olives, chocolates, etc. Bulimialicious!

First up for Anne and Maggie's scrutiny: Johanna's room. Maggie does not like that the sink smells like Citrus Magic. Minus two points. Also, Johanna thinks the answer to "Are the peanuts organic?" is "They are lightly salted." Minus one point. Maggie's dogs immediately spot and devour some lasagna Johanna placed on a low table. Minus five points. Johanna mentally tabulates these numbers as she freaks out that she's blowing it. Commercials. We return and see a repeat of Maggie's Golden Retrievers scarfing down lasagna. Anne and Maggie leave. Bad news for Johanna: If the main note you received is, "Does this room smell a little funny?" then you know you shouldn't quit your day job. Just saying...

Next up: Ashlie's room. More lasagna for the dogs! They are officially my favorite characters of all time on this show. Just as demanding as Erin Slowey but a whole heckuva lot cuter. Maggie zeroes in on some chocolates -- also within snout's reach -- and frantically moves them to avoid a canine fatality. Apparently Ashlie is one of about three people in this world who doesn't know dogs can't eat chocolate. Maggie sees a candle and asks if there are any matches. Nope!

Next, Slow-Rizer evaluate Megan's effort. The dogs leave the lasagna alone this time, but, to Anne's chagrin, it's still within reach. Megan TH's the snidest, most awesomely bottom-line statement: "I mean, what can you say? It's a hotel room. With things in it." Maggie asks if Megan washed the bathroom sink with lavender soap, and Megan cluelessly stares at her because she obviously didn't do anything in the way of sink-washing, forget whether she used lavender or not. The ladies leave, and Megan estimates that she got a C... or a B+. Because they're so close to one another on the scale of things. Pfffffft.

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