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Maggie and Anne head into Kate's room, and she's done a pretty kick-ass job. She paid particular attention to the dogs' needs, to which Maggie responds well. She also created a college freshman-style arts and crafts frame for the dogs' pictures. But then, the shit hits the fan -- or the floor, as it were. One of Maggie's dogs straight-up takes a dump on the floor. Well, you know what they say about dogs' ability to read people. Anne makes a joke that it looks like a Jackson Pollock. She and Maggie leave, presumably expecting Kate to clean up.

Finally: Dyshaun's room. Maggie happily smells lavender. As it turns out, Dyshaun's decision not to unwrap the food comes with the added bonus of preventing dogs from devouring it. We learn that the pressed flowers with a TV remote on them was an actual request. One which Dyshaun has artfully completed. He also hand-scrubbed the sink. BUT... he doesn't have a framed picture of the dogs. He says he did his best. As if that's ever good enough.

The underlings line up on the roof for their feedback. Anne emphasizes that making a model happy before a photo shoot is crucial. Nearly everyone made one key mistake, but Kate alone gets positive feedback. Nonetheless Dyshaun pulls out the win for his thought and refusal to unwrap a block of cheese. Kate is bummed she didn't win because she wanted to pick the teams.

The minions return to the office that night, and Joe Zee greets them. He tells them. They will be styling a model for a 4-page fashion spread for this week's editorial challenge. They can use anything from the closet, but the clothes and accessories must tell a story. Likewise, the hair and makeup must complement the theme. Finally, they must be assertive and cooperative, directing the photographer and the model to get the best shot possible re: composition and the model's attitude. No bunny ears, you guys! (Though, from the looks of the for-example spread, early '90s-style Marky Mark visible underwear is perfectly acceptable.)

Flying high from his earlier success, Dyshaun steps forward to pick teams. He predictably pairs Kate and Ashlie, leaving himself with Megan and Johanna. They head to the closet to pull clothes for their shoots. Ashlie, it seems, learned a thing or two from "Metallic Mayhem,", and she decides to work with Kate to make color the focal point of their shoot. She surprisingly admits that she enjoyed working with Kate. The other team decides to work with fluorescents to create a modern, lady-like take on bright colors.

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