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Thanks, Chlamydia!

Next up, Kate and Ashlie kick off their hair and makeup session, leaning toward an Old Hollywood look. In their first shot, the model looks gorgeous, and the photos are pretty dynamic -- as opposed to the other team's catalog-y poses. Kate explains that the story is about a girl who is captive in a black and white world; she eventually breaks free and embraces color! They style her like Courtney Love by way of Nancy Spungen for the black-and-white clothing shot, and she does all sorts of "Roar! I'm imprisoned by my monochromatic clothes!" expressions. Kate acknowledges they're taking a risk with this high-concept story.

As was done to them, Dyshaun and Megan spend most of the shoot sniping at the other team. Kate believes Dyshaun is so ornery because he's scared of being eliminated. By the time they get to the infamous swimsuit shot, Ashlie notes that Dyshaun and Megan had quieted down because they were shaking in their boots. To wit, each of the other team's members individually concedes defeat as Ashlie and Kate rambunctiously toss water on their electric blue bikini-clad model. Kate annoyingly finishes the shot by squeaking a thank-you to the model and hugging the life out of her. The model looks wholly uncomfortable -- perhaps because Kate just broke one of her ribs.

The teams return to the office for the routine 90-minute layout extravaganza. Kate and Ashlie discover their embarrassment photo-wise, and Kate worries they have more material than time. On the other team, Johanna purposely leads the layout charge to make up for her non-existent leadership during the shoot. That's a pretty ass-backwards way of doing things, not to mention a blatant way of wiggling out of your team's potential failure. And, frankly, it's not really any different than the role she has taken in the past three tasks -- and for which she has been criticized. They decided on a straightforward, simple design showcasing three strong pictures -- and by "strong," I mean "the best of the lamest." Conversely, Kate and Ashlie try to razzle-dazzle up their spread by displaying as many photos as possible. They are both aware that they could take a fall.

As Kate and Ashlie race to place their text in the layout, Dyshaun concocts some transparent pretext to approach and try to rattle them. As has been the theme this week, Ashlie sees right through it. A moment later, Dyshaun and his team draw a blank on the hair stylist's name, so he asks Kate. She flat-out refuses to give it to him. His response? "Thanks, Chlamydia!" I am certain there is precedent for such a graphic term of endearment. Why, among all the stupid stuff they showed last week, they didn't include a blooper real of Dyshaun calling Kate a slew of STD epithets, I couldn't tell you. But I guess you can't have it all... Anyway, Kate tells Dyshaun that she'd be hard-pressed to ever help him given what a tremendous bane he has been to her existence. In a later interview, Dyshaun backtracks that this fight was essentially a mountain made out of a mole hill. He implies that he regrets calling Kate Chlamydia, but he doesn't actually apologize. Ashlie wraps up the spread and says she's over this. Amen, girlfriend.

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