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Kate and Ashlie present their spread, entitled simply "COLOR." IMHO, it looks great. It does have a lot of items, but it's not cluttered (or littered with multiple fonts... Devin!). Ashlie blathers on about their idea of the model as a bound-up butterfly who finally embraces her own playfulness vis-à-vis color. Kate chirps that she has a lot to add, and I notice that, ironically, neither of them is wearing a drop of color. Kate is wearing the most boring, 23-year-old's interview pant suit, and Ashlie is in head-to-toe black. You'd think they'd want to dress the part, right? Kate gives a shout-out to Joe Zee, noting that they tried to follow his instruction to "think outside of the box" by pairing basic black with lots of color. As if on cue, Joe Zee applauds them for -- you guessed it! -- "thinking outside of the box." Anne also likes the concept and execution, particularly in terms of the hair and makeup, though she thinks the page with the "Water + Bikini = Magic" shots is a little more instructional than high fashion. She and Joe both agree that the spread would have benefited from losing a few images.

Team 2 goes next, and Dyshaun has come up with another one of his kicky titles: "Light Bright." Johanna ramble-ramble-rambles about their use of strong, youthful colors, but, as always, it's total drivel in light of their boring, predictable images. Megan adds that they scaled back the makeup and hair styling to place focus on the clothes. Joe Zee asks who contributed what, and Dyshaun semi-throws Johanna under the bus by saying she pitched the Polaroid-like dead white space, which he initially didn't like. But, a-ha! Joe Zee loves the white space -- which Johanna stole directly from the pages of ELLE. That said, Joe Zee thinks they played it safe. Anne commends the dynamism of the last shot, but thinks the other two shots are too static. Neil suggests they should have chosen outfits that were more conducive to movement. Despite some reservations, Anne concludes that the spread does look professional. Again, perhaps because they cribbed every element of it directly from the magazine for a change? Finally someone is listening to my prayers!

Sour grapes Kate brings out the brash and the bonkers inside her after Anne compliments the other team. She can't even wait for the panel to exit before she starts badmouthing Dyshaun & Co. Anne hears her and asks what all the grumbling is about. Kate manages to throw an entirely separate team under the bus! Wowza! That's impressive even for her. She calls them out for being low-maintenance in hair and makeup and gripes that, even if the panel liked their layout, "the work wasn't there" since they weren't micromanaging this styling challenge. Johanna and Megan both say Kate's comment is offensive. Anne turns her attention to Ashlie, who starts ass-covering as quickly as possibly by spouting vagaries about professionalism and taking pride in her work. Speaking of real pros, Kate cuts her off! And I quote, "Honestly, sometimes I don't care about being professional, I care about just saying what happened." Wow! Way to shoot yourself in the foot there. Anne and Joe Zee clearly have no idea what just happened. The judges exit for deliberation.

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