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While the minions wait, Megan characterizes Kate as "sick," "psychotic," and "desperate." Ashlie breaks it down to Kate that the challenge is also about aesthetics, not just styling, and Anne and her crew could prefer the other team's taste. Ashlie fears she'll go home because she was responsible for the overstuffed layout. The underlings continue their wait, and, for once, everyone is silent.

In Anne's lair, the judges discuss Team 1's spread. They approve of risk-taking, but Anne thinks the overcrowded opening page doesn't send a clear message to the reader. Joe Zee confirms Ashlie's fears by calling her out for not being able to objectively edit her work. Anne says it's a pity because the seeds of a good spread are there. Neil takes it a step further, calling the spread "craziness, madness." Overstate much? Anne mentions Kate's track record of "constantly speaking up for herself." And have you ever wondered why, Anne? Maybe because she sucks, and everyone hates her guts? Anne hones in on the fundamental problem: Kate will never learn from criticism if she won't listen to it.

On to Team 2. Their page is cohesive, well designed, and very ELLE. Neil is impressed that three people could create such a unified product. On the downside, Anne dislikes the stagnant feeling of two of the three photos and thinks they could have cropped their photos to make the spread more consistent. Joe Zee again states that they didn't risk or experiment. And a decision is made.

Brett comes out and congratulations Dyshaun's team. Team Perpetual Loser schleps into the board room, with everyone wishing Ashlie luck. Megan vows to leave if Kate survives this round. Yeah, that's about as believable as a certain born-again Baldwin promising to move to Canada if Obama won the election. Don't hold your breath is all I'm sayin'. Inside Anne's office, the editrix smoothes over the impending blow by pointing all of the aforementioned positives in the spread. However, the dimwitted duo fell in love with their work and failed to edit it down. Editors make hard decisions, people.

As she has throughout the competition, Anne compliments Kate's outspokenness and sense of intuitive style. She notes, though, that Kate's outburst seemed petty and unprofessional. Anne praises Ashlie's voice as a stylist but questions her skills as an editor. Anne congratulates Ashlie and starts to give, what I would imagine would have been a very charming and classy goodbye speech to Kate, but the wench cuts her off! She unabashedly says that she hates all of those still left standing and that Anne would be making a huge mistake to hire any of them. She calls Dyshaun abusive, deems Megan wicked, mean, and dishonest, and says Johanna is too insecure for fashion. Cue confused reaction shots from the three judges. Kate wraps up her rant by endorsing Ashlie, which I'm sure Ashlie is appreciating about as much as John McCain valued Al Qaeda's endorsement. Keep in mind that, while Kate is spewing this vitriol, she has a huge grin on her face. Before she leaves, she happily (and a bit creepily) thanks the judges for the opportunity. I think Anne, Joe Zee, and Neil are going to wake up in the middle of a field tomorrow and wonder what the hell just happened.

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