No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Every Party Has a Pooper

She does get in one parting shot before leaving: "Good luck to you, Megan. You're gonna do very well in life, I'm sure." Suck on that, Brainy McBitcherson. Megan and Ashlie carry on with their competition of who can be the most dramatic as Megan snarks that she can do nothing right and Ashlie weeps that she has no faith left. It could have been her! It wasn't, though. Cologne walks to the elevator pretty much unnoticed. It's a fitting ending, really.

Next week: Even though they barely noticed her exit, the shockwaves from Eternity's departure ripple throughout the house. We get no details whatsoever about the next task/challenge, just more of the same old song: "Everyone Hates Kate," in A minor.

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