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As for Team 2, all Anne can say is, "Whoa!" She says the only items she liked were Kate's picks and criticizes the layout. Joe Zee adds that the expensive dresses look cheap. Anne is still confused about the circumstances of Kathleengate. Joe Zee discredits Cologne for giving up on what she wanted. Well, in the first place, it was what Kate wanted, and in the second place, if you think Kate is editor potential, then you asshats can have her. Cynthia mentions that Kate was totally useless at expressing herself. Joe Zee agrees it's her downfall.

Plain and simple, all of them love Team 3's page, minus the glaring error of the leaving out the shopping credits.

Brett emerges and congratulates Team 1. The other two teams enter Anne's office. Anne calls Team 2's page "a disaster." She forbids pushing old trends. As for Team 3, she loved-loved-loved the page but hated that they forgot vital information. Regardless, she grants them a reprieve. As for the damned on Team 2, Anne tells Ashlie and Cologne they must listen to all team members, even whiny little pipsqueaks who, occasional stumble upon a good idea. (I may be editorializing a bit.) She cites Ashlie's strong showing in previous performances and lets her go, leaving Kate and my dear Eternity. On the bright side, Megan's malicious scheming is foiled yet again. Score one point for Good!

Anne tells Kate -- who is still crying! -- that she ignored her good instincts and didn't fight for her beliefs. Then Anne reads Cologne the riot act for backing down, pushing an old trend, and ignoring her teammate. Okay, can I just interject here for one last time. Kate didn't actually say that metallics were untrendy. She said that she hated them and they were ugly. That's not editorial judgment, it's personal taste. She sidestepped that landmine through sheer, dumb luck, not any instinctive mastery of fashion. Team Eternity! I must say this now because Anne immediately thereafter congratulates Kate and tells Cologne she's not the right fit.

Kate heads out, still blubbering. It probably gives some of the others a glimpse of hope that got the ax, but alas! She breaks the news, and Megan leads the round of applause congratulating Kate. Johanna TH's her ambivalence about Kate, temporarily opting for optimism that there are good instincts buried under all the boobs. Cologne is visibly disheartened as she packs up her stuff, regretting that she missed the chance to prove herself because of someone else. She plans to return to Berkeley and finish her degree.

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