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Crimes of Fashion

Speaking of, Devin steps forward to choose teams. She groups Ashlie, Kate, Danielle and Megan on Team 1. Oh, sookie, so many thoughts spring to my mind: What did Danielle do to deserve this? What will Megan do without her boy-bitch Dyshaun? And, oh yes, there will be blood! I am rubbing my hands with anticipation. Joining me in this is William, who is pissing his pants in glee over the drama to come. Next, he, Dyshaun and Johanna join Devin's team. Devin explains that she put all the dramatic people on one team and all the workers on hers. I suspect she somehow got her wires crossed re: Danielle versus Dyshaun. Danielle doesn't exactly scream "Drama!" Poor Danielle.

Brett tells them they'll meet Malina tomorrow to set up their shoot. They have all day today to familiarize themselves with the magazine's fashion spreads. (Because they don't already know how an ELLE fashion spread looks?) Devin briefs her team that her groupings weren't personal, but Dyshaun thinks she was more strategic than she admits. He doesn't gripe, though, because it's working in his favor... for now. On Team 1, though, they're already getting into it. Megan admits that being on this team made her want to die, but she looks on the bright side -- most of her teammates suck way more than her. In some respects, I guess.

After a brief caucus, both teams head in the direction of minimalism. Big shock, Kate sets her stake down in the opposition camp. She thinks minimalism and vivid color are at cross-purposes. Ashlie points out that they don't have much money or time to throw this thing together, and Kate goes into her typical tap dance routine, shrugging saying "I'll go along with whatever you guys say," as she strengthens her bus-throwing arm. Danielle catches wise to this scheme and tells Kate to express her opinions so they won't fall in the same trap as before. Despite her proclivity for ketchup- and mustard-colored clothing, that Danielle is really starting to earn her leadership stripes, as well as Anne's praise.

Over on Team 2, William mocks Devin for loving everything that's put in front of her. Things get tense on Team 1 when Ashlie looks straight at Kate while pointedly says that everyone will get along on this task. Kate gives as good as she gets, and Captain Obvious Megan TH's that any room in which Ashlie or Kate exists will see some friction. Megan proposes they lay down some ground rules for the task, but Kate gets all defensive and tells them to leave her alone so she can work. Instincts be damned, I really think Kate is beyond redemption. She fundamentally does not understand teamwork and will never be able to work on any team, regardless of this pettiness. In an interview, Kate lays out her "my way or the highway" M.O. -- just in case it hasn't become painfully obvious yet.

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