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Crimes of Fashion

Team 1 finds retro d├ęcor pieces in the prop shop and decides to go with a retro theme. Kate and Ashlie surprisingly both gravitate toward on a vintage bubble TV set. Megan disagrees, but she should know by now that when Kate gets an idea in her head, it's that idea or bus-inflicted skid marks on her teammates' backs. Just go with it, Megan! Wait, what am I saying? I hate Megan. And Kate. Keep cat-scratching, girls! Either way, it's kind of nice to see Kate finally getting a dose of her own medicine when Megan offers criticisms rather than constructive suggestions. Sound familiar, Kate? Ashlie steps in to mediate, and the idea takes root.

They head back to the studio, and Kate quibbles about getting every single prop in the shot. Megan doesn't think this is necessary and tells Kate in so many words to shut the frig up. She takes a page from Kate's playbook and TH's that she would do everything different. Kate sticks to her guns, insisting that the TV appear in the shot to pulls together the retro theme. Without it, the shot is just a model on an ugly couch. Fair enough.

The shot pans over to Team 2 as Johanna comments on the infighting at Team 1. As Devin predicted, they are all business, though, and continue on in their work. Johanna claims co-leadership with stylist Dyshaun. Meanwhile, Devin looks on silently, cementing her reputation as "the quiet one." William questions a table that he thinks resembles a lamp, but Dyshaun shuts him down because William's ideas are "out there." William concedes that he backed down in service of the group. That didn't work for Arnaldo, but we'll see... When all is said and done, Devin cements William's caricature of her by declaring for the trillionth time, "I love it!"

Fabrice and Elena shoot with Team 1 first. Megan takes a stab at photo direction, with Kate constantly undermining her ideas -- just like she did last week. Megan says she's never been so frustrated and annoyed in her life. She is embarrassed. As the shoot continues, Megan waves her white flag and walks off to sulk in the background. This leaves Ashlie to vaguely tell the model to "work it out." Better instruction couldn't have been given by Jay Manuel himself!

The pros move on to Team 2. Dyshaun and William explain the concept. Dyshaun TH's that he took a leadership role, while Devin took a backseat. Devin looks at it from another perspective, saying she appreciated having strong people on her team. The shoot goes smoothly, and that's a wrap.

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