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Crimes of Fashion

On to Team 2. Johanna explains the concept and -- Dear sweet lord, that 'G' is huge! Across from it, the model stares into space in front of the lamp-table and a bunch of mannequins. It is quite catalog-like, to be honest. Anne asks who took the lead, and everyone points to Dyshaun. Joe Zee asks how they chose props, so Johanna explains her part in that element. Anne asks William what he contributed, and he natters on about all sorts of random things. Devin vigorously adds that they all contributed, which only makes it all the more clear that she did nothing. Insert obvious voiceover of Anne asking, "Devin, what was your contribution?" Devin discovers a fourth 'C' -- collaborative! -- and gives no specifics.

Tory admits that the headless mannequins are freaky. Anne agrees. She thinks the concept wasn't accessible, nor did it embody the spirit of Tory Burch's designs. She characterizes the spread as elitist, soulless and flat. Joe Zee thinks the spread feels sterile. He thinks the styling was lazy and doesn't get the lamp-like table. William stays mum. On the other hand, Joe Zee did like the right-this-minute Gossip Girl reference and the fact that the team took a risk. Anne and her henchman depart for their deliberation.

As the teams wait, Kate prattles and Megan brags to Dyshaun that she had no part in Kate's concept (despite just claiming that she did moments ago). Megan imitates Kate's temper tantrums, garnering perplexed looks from Devin and Johanna. All this mocking really does is make a ruckus that make Megan look like an ass. I suppose they're all used to that by now, though. She vows that, if she must go, she'll go out with a bang. Devin looks shocked. Oh please. Like that's not the stock cliché that every reality contestant waits to pull out at the right moment.

Over in Slowey's lair, she and the henchmen discuss Team 1. She nitpicks over their exclusion of modern décor pieces but says she clicked with the idea immediately and thinks it works well with Tory's clothing. Tory likes the story. Joe Zee wishes they'd taken more of a risk. Anne mentions the tension between Kate and Megan. Joe Zee stands by Kate for taking responsibility and says she has brass for not caring whether they loved or hated her idea. Well, that's what eventually happens when you stand alone in this cruel world, with only your cleavage to keep you company. You stop caring. Tory concludes that everyone but Megan seemed happy with the finished product. Joe Zee harshes that Megan did nothing, but Anne defends Megan's instincts and says she just fell into the trap (the same one recently occupied by Kate) of being unable to articulate her ideas. They sum up that Team 1 had strong execution despite an overly literal idea.

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