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Crimes of Fashion

Quite the opposite for Team 2: Great idea, poor execution. Anne is baffled by the concept and styling. Joe Zee reiterates it's flat and lazy and looks slapped together. Tory notes that it's one-dimensional and doesn't tell a story. They all think the table is a distraction. Anne appropriately moves on to inquire what William is all about. None of them got a sense of his role. They think Dyshaun took the lead, but did so poorly. Anne believes Devin has been coasting on her teammates' coattails. They don't mention Johanna. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. They send Brett to summon both teams into the office.

Inside, Anne congratulates Team 1 and gives all of them another week. She critiques Team 2, then immediately gives Johanna a pass for her mannequin idea, although it was poorly carried out. She goes down the line one by one with her individual criticism. She thinks William's instincts and point of view have disappeared amidst the competition. She tells Dyshaun that his clever title won't necessarily absolve him of poor leadership. As for Devin, Anne notes her savvy strategy but thinks that picking strong teammates has left her in the shadows. She congratulates Dyshaun and informs Devin and William that they're "not the right fit."

As Dyshaun gracefully exits the lair, Megan thanks her lucky stars she still has an ally. William and Devin receive hugs from the other underlings. Devin regrets not showing more leadership to Anne. William's exit interview is like a Sting song, cheerful yet doleful. He reiterates the same complaint of all who went before him that others (ah-hem, Kate) should have gone first, but he affirms that he has much to prove and that his hard work will pay off one day, if not today.

So what have we learned? Anne Slowey does not wear orange. America is on the cusp of a taffeta invasion. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And if you can't beat 'em, scream your lungs out at 'em, then join 'em. Like Megan, I may just throw up my arms in surrender. Maybe then I'll get a job at ELLE.

Next: Danielle crumbles under her own insecurities. As does Johanna when the minions attend an A-List party frequented by trannies, it seems. There, they must display their fashion knowledge, sending Johanna into an almost Jason-level freak-out in the magazine's break room.

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