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Atlantic City, Baby!

After credits and ads, we come back to Harvey arguing with Keith about how this came to pass and threatening to walk out on him. Keith points out that Harvey owes him. Mike's interest is piqued, but for now he just asks what exactly was on the napkin. Keith says it was a deal for red beard -- whose name is Tommy -- to back his three million dollar bet in exchange for an extra half-million when Keith won. But obviously it didn't work out that way and since Keith lost the hand, Tommy gets the company. Harvey decides to go out in search of Tommy and the napkin and leaves Mike to babysit Keith.

Louis and Rachel exit the ballet gushing about it and then overhear some guy spouting off negative adjectives. Louis walks up behind him, calling him an asshole, but then recoils in horror when Michael Des Barres turns around. I share Louis's shock at how decrepit and white-haired the touring singer of Power Station has become, but it turns out Louis is mortified at having "profaned" at Sergei Baskoff, the ballet's director. It turns out Sergei was complaining about the ballet's rehearsal space, which is a death trap. Louis eagerly hands over his card, offering to represent the ballet in the tenant dispute and watches Sergei leave with his eyes full of man-crush.

Harvey walks up to Tommy and his lawyer at a restaurant, and puts down the napkin deal until they show it to him. Meanwhile, back at the suite Mike is explaining to Keith the three elements a valid contract needs: offer, acceptance and consideration. We cut back and forth between the two parties until Harvey points out the competence thing, meaning his client was drunk. Harvey offers Tommy the 3.5 million he owes and that'll be the end of it, but Tommy insists on keeping the $30 million company. "Well, when you show up to open the door with your napkin, it's not going to fit in the lock," Harvey quips. The offshoot of all of this is that they're going to court.

At the firm, Louis tries to assign Harold some work on the ballet case, but since he clearly knows nothing about dance (and Rachel's sitting behind him correcting him) Louis drafts Rachel. When Harold starts to protest that she's only a paralegal, Louis snaps, "Ms. Zane not only knows more about ballet than you do, she also knows more about law." Rachel's so flattered she happily accepts Louis's dictated to-do list. Dictaphone and all. Wow, if he's lending her that thing she's really in.

While at a poker table in AC, Harvey gets a cell phone call from Jessica who's a little concerned about where he is, especially given the whole Donna thing. Jessica says she's giving him a temp and gets a message while she's on the phone that their motion to seal has been denied, so she's going to have to talk to the judge. Meanwhile, she wants him back home and Harvey hangs up, showing the nothing hand he just won the last pot with while not even paying attention. While this has been happening, a red-headed casino employee has entered the room. Harvey flirts with her a bit, then gets up from the table and asks for security footage from the poker room. She protests, but we all know better, especially Harvey.

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