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Atlantic City, Baby!

Late at night, Rachel finds Mike reviewing security footage on the conference room monitor. He's up to Keith's fifteenth drink, and after thus establishing Mike's and Harvey's concern for their clients she says she's doing some associate work with Louis. Mike's proud of her and she tries hard to pretend that she isn't proud of herself too.

Next morning, Mike has just finished playing back the footage for a judge (showing all sixteen of Keith's drinks) with Harvey, Tommy and Tommy's attorney present. It seems to be going fine, until the other lawyer points out that Harvey was totally sober when he offered to pay off Keith's debt. And since he made an offer, the judge says the contract is going to trial. Harvey looks at Mike like he's trying to figure out a way to blame him, but for once it's just not there.

Back at the firm, Mike and Harvey do some bantering before mowing on to the next step: for now, they're still in control of the company and they can drag it out forever until Tommy won't even get his stake back. Harvey tells Mike to look into Tommy and drag him in for a deposition.

Rachel delivers the product of her late-night work to an impressed Louis, including documentation that the rehearsal space has lead paint. Louis happily tells Rachel, "We are going to pas de deux all over their asses with it." Then they dance-bow to each other and he says, "Get out." It's kind of sweet, actually.

Jessica encounters the judge at a fundraiser for her reelection, which is handy timing and says Pearson Hardman just became a platinum-level donor. That obviously puts the judge in an awkward situation unless she recuses herself from the case, but she doesn't appear to be in the mood. Jessica doesn't care, pointing out that it was a long time ago and "a man's reputation is at stake. And I'm not joking with you now." Seriously, where do all the people on this show come from who aren't terrified of pissing off Gina Torres?

At the rehearsal space, Louis and Rachel try to strong-arm the landlord into paying for repairs immediately, but he points out that the lease requires the ballet to cover those costs out of a fund they're supposed to be paying into monthly. Both Louis and Rachel are caught flatfooted by this news, since that account is empty and while Rachel ruffles through her papers, the landlord says that in light of the threat Louis just made he plans to evict the ballet. Well, that could have gone better.

At the firm, Harvey and Mike are deposing Tommy. Mike's come up with a metal box called a "yaw drive" that he explains is a vital component of a wind turbine, but of course Tommy's never heard of it, proving that he knows nothing about engineering. Beyond that, he's in no position to defend the company from certain allegations that have been brought against it. Cut right to the courtroom, where Harvey is arguing to the judge that Tommy isn't the man to run the company. Tommy agrees that he doesn't know anything about engineering -- or anything about the other companies he's taken over and turned around, because he leaves that to the experts he hires. Tommy's attorney pipes up that none of Tommy's experts have a drinking problem either. Harvey protests the gratuitous attack on his client's character, but he was the one who brought it up in the first place. In any case, the judge rules on the spot -- however unlikely -- that Tommy gets control of the company until the conclusion of the trial.

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