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Atlantic City, Baby!

Afterwards, Harvey frets about the hot dog he and Mike are getting from a truck rather than a cart (that's what you get when you shoot Toronto for Manhattan, chief) before calmly admitting to Mike that they aren't going to win this one; the other lawyer has a better hand and he knows it. Mike suggests dealing a new hand and brings up that analogy Harvey's always using about the multiple options you have when someone points a gun at your head. "What if we take off our jacket and show them that we have a bomb strapped to our chest? Metaphor! Metaphor!" he adds hastily to a couple of passersby. Because we still have to pretend we're in Manhattan.

Rachel answers a summons to Louis's office, where he tells her the Sergei lied to him and embezzled the maintenance money. Well, I'm glad to see that wasn't something that Rachel missed, because that would have been embarrassing. Louis blames himself for taking Sergei at his word, despite how Sergei's dancing inspired the eight-year-old Louis back in the day. Rachel now inspires Louis with his own words to Harold earlier and a reminder that the Louis she knows is ruthless and mean. "And if someone wronged him, he wouldn't hesitate to tear them apart limb from limb." What do you know, that seems to have gotten through to him as well.

At the performance hall, Louis and Rachel run into Sergei who blames Louis for getting the ballet evicted. Louis tells Sergei he's done, and the repairs are paid for by moving some money around and eliminating "your bloated salary." Louis says he's giving Sergei a chance to leave before he gets fired by the board and Sergei does.

Back in the judge's chambers, she's still not done with Jessica. She says it wasn't an accident that Jessica parked her bare, unconscious ass in a classroom that "belonged to the professor who was conducting interviews for the job we both wanted." Jessica claims ignorance and asks what she wants. "I want to recuse myself -- on one condition: admit you know what you did." Jessica quickly obliges. "I wanted that job. I know what I did. I'm not sorry I did it. And I'd do it again." Feel better, your honor? Even though Jessica was clearly lying?

Walking past Rachel's office, Mike notices her look of obvious confusion. "I... like Louis," she realizes. Mike assures her it doesn't last, and then notices Louis's Dictaphone on her desk. He grabs it up so they can listen to it and the next thing they know, they're hearing Louis's personal to-do items like perfect his British accent and come up with a catchphrase, complete with practice. "You just got Litt up!" Mike cues up another file and of course hears himself talking with Harvey two weeks ago. Well, at least Mike knows why Louis hates him now. He doesn't know what to do, "but if I tell Harvey about this, he is going to kill Louis." Is that really a downside, Louis's obvious Season Two redemption arc notwithstanding? Just then Harvey enters to summon Mike to the conference room: "Let's go set off that bomb."

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