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Swing-and-a-Miss Vote
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Harvey intercepts Donna on the sidewalk near her apartment and she is clearly not in a receptive mood, not least because the show still hasn't bothered to give her an actual apartment and keeps shooting these scenes on the street outside. She points out to Harvey that he's been to her place twice, for "that god-awful dinner party and... the other time." Did that other time involve a can opener? Because Donna denied to Rachel last season that anything had ever happened between them. In any case, Harvey offers her an envelope containing her "bonus," which she rips in half unopened. She's still pissed at him for jumping in to protect her from Louis at his fake trial, thinking he made it look like she loves him. "Oh my God, you think I do," she realizes when he gives her a look. After another reference to the "other time," Harvey points out that Donna didn't ever answer Louis's question about whether she loves him, and Donna says it's complicated, comparing her feelings for Harvey to those for a cousin you're happy to see at Christmas and then happy to see leave. As she's starting to leave Harvey to his post-holiday letdown, Harvey says he wants her back. Needs her, even. And Jessica's on board. Donna says she'll come back on two conditions, the first being that Harvey replace the check with a bigger one. "And the other?" Harvey asks, pulling a second envelope from his jacket. So at least he isn't totally bereft without her.

In the bullpen at the firm, Mike busts Harold looking at porn on his computer, but Harold assures him he's just shopping for that tattoo he's going to get with his first bonus. Right on cue, Louis comes in with checks for all the associates -- except Mike.

Mike delivers a file to Harvey, who summarily dismisses him. Mike starts to stutter something. "Are you having a stroke?" Harvey wonders in obvious amusement. Mike is curious about where his bonus is, and Harvey says maybe Jessica thought he didn't deserve one, not being a lawyer and all. Mike grabs for the file he just dropped off, but Harvey's just messing with him -- he has a check for Mike so big he starts stuttering all over again. Harvey proudly says that Mike's stunt with Monica Eaton last week won three partners over to Jessica's side, enough to secure the vote in her favor. But Mike says one of the others on Jessica's side is leaving for another job, so they're even. "The tide goes to the incumbent," Harvey shrugs, saying the vote is four days away. Mike reaches for the check, but now has to pry it out from under Harvey's hand. It's like a metaphor for their relationship somehow.

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