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Swing-and-a-Miss Vote

Harvey comes into Jessica's office and tells her the case is over. "Good to see you back in stride," she says. "When was I ever off?" Harvey wonders. Louis comes in and asks for a minute with Jessica and doesn't even care when Jessica briskly makes to excuse Harvey from the room. "It's not like there's any secrets between you two," Louis grins. He puts his buy-in check on Jessica's desk, "In your current capacity as managing partner." "Current?" Jessica asks. Louis correctly interprets her question about his vote, and says, "You kept me waiting five years. You can wait another twenty-four hours." Or a week, as the case may be.

Mike's setting up Grammy's new apartment with some flowers and vases, which, I can't believe it didn't hit me until now that this is about to go really, really bad. There's a knock on the door and for a moment I think we dodged a bullet when it turns out to just be Rachel, but she's there to tell Mike the nursing home kept calling for him at the firm. "It's your grandma. She passed away." Mike stutters in denial (probably not least of all because how many different levels of contrivance have to be in place or Mike to get word from Rachel?) and realizes that she never even got to see the place he bought her. He ends the episode crying ton Rachel's arms. Even I'm not entirely immune to this emotional display. Dammit, show!

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