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Swing-and-a-Miss Vote

Harvey reports to Jessica that he couldn't close Louis, no matter how nice he was. Because what Louis wants has to come from Jessica. She feigns irritation before getting up to see Louis herself, but Harvey realizes this was her plan all along. "Why send me first?" "Because if Louis didn't have to work to get me there, he wouldn't believe me when I went," Jessica explains. Good luck with that. What makes her think he'll believe her now? After a little banter prior to Jessica's exit, Harvey warns that words won't be enough. "His anger is deep. He wants us to feel pain." Jessica wonders how, and Harvey says, "Give him my office." I guess this is his proof that he's willing to put her needs ahead of his. Which he says to her outright, lest she miss the point.

At the stadium, Mike accosts the baseball player and tells him all about the source they found. Solis doesn't deny it, and Mike threatens to subpoena the catcher. Mike tells him to drop the suit against their client and retire or continue playing and get publicly outed. And I'm sure that quitting the game shortly after a commentator accused him of being on steroids will keep his reputation totally sterling.

Jessica goes into Louis's office. He's pretty chilly to her, while she remains pleasant and gets right to the point, asking what it'll take. Louis says he wants to be valued and Jessica says she's always felt that way. When Louis brings up how she embarrassed him at Harvey's fake trial, she mildly says she was making her case. Louis gets up and closes his office door and tells her, "That Jessica I got no trouble believing. But the Jessica that kept stringing me along, telling me one day my time would come? Her I've come to doubt." Jessica claims she sent Harvey first to show Louis that he's valuable to both of them, but Louis says he's always been on the outside. She reminds him he's senior partner now, which he says is thanks to Hardman. "He's buying you, with this one thing at this convenient time," Jessica tells Louis. But Louis says he's tired of being in Harvey's shadow, and wants the roles reversed. Jessica asks how she should do that, like she doesn't already have that move in her pocket, but Louis tells her to figure it out, or else she'll see what it's like to be in someone else's shadow. Her voice shaking with anger, Jessica tells Louis Harvey told her to give Louis his office. "But I don't respond to threats and I'm not going to buy your vote, because that's not who I am. But know this: I will win. And tomorrow, after the vote, if you are on the wrong side, there'll be no coming back." Well, now the set dressers won't have to rearrange everything, at least.

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