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Going to Pot
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At Mike's apartment, he smokes a joint when a sheet-clad Tess comes out to join him. He claims to be looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow, even though it's going to involve talking to Rachel, who you'll recall saw Tess similarly (un)dressed in Mike's apartment at the end of the summer finale. She has her own thing to dread, which is that her husband is also getting home tomorrow. So they retreat together into the refuge of their shared weed.

At the office the next morning. Harvey stands and watches Daniel Hardman's name getting scraped off of his office door. A thousand bucks per billable hour and he's just standing there. When he reaches his office, Donna is sitting at his desk with his messages including one from Zoe Lawford, calling Harvey back. Harvey plays it off like it's nothing, but she gets him to admit he was asking her out, to celebrate the defeat of Hardman. Point to Donna. Louis comes in to talk about some case and Harvey cuts him dead, apparently still peeved over all that business with Louis taking Hardman's side. Louis reminds him that he backed Harvey in the end, and Louis mimics the pansy-ass gesture Louis used to do so. So it looks like we're sticking with the standard operating procedure of treating Louis like shit.

Mike walks into Rachel's office to "rip the Band-Aid off," like Grammy always advised. She's pretty hurt, not to mention unimpressed by the way he just invoked his recently deceased one family member, and he apologizes lamely. She asks if Tess knows about being Mike's second choice that day after Rachel, and Mike tells Rachel that Tess is married, so her second-choice-ness is the least of her concerns. Just then Harvey comes along to call Mike in to help him with some crisis or other. Rachel's mood doesn't seem much improved.

Mike and Harvey show up at the chi-chi apartment of some client named Gillian. The woman's son, Liam admits to having hit someone on the drive home from a party the night before. Mike immediately (and rather sharply) asks Liam if he was drinking, and although Harvey snaps at him not to answer that, Liam denies any such thing. Harvey asks what happened to the guy he hit, but Liam doesn't have an answer for that. "He drove away," Harvey says. Yeah, you guys should probably do the same.

In the kitchen, Mike is rattling off their next move, but Harvey says Mike's sitting this one out, given he was orphaned by a drunk driver and plus his Grammy just died. Despite this combination of factors that threaten to make this a perfect storm of Mike Taking! It! Personally!, Mike insists he's in.

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