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Going to Pot

Down in the garage, Harvey examines the car damage (minimal, and a glancing blow, supporting Liam's claim that the guy came out of nowhere) when Mike comes in with the news that he found the victim at a hospital, in stable condition. Harvey wants Liam to turn himself in, and he and the mom argue it, but Mike reminds them that it's up to Liam. Because Liam has demonstrated such good decision-making skills in the past twelve hours.

Cut to Liam getting booked at the police station, while Mike offers his reassurances. Which includes Mike's own tale of getting busted for possession at 16. Liam asks if Mike smokes, and Mike says he did, then remembers the beginning of the episode and amends, "I do." Mike promises Liam he'll be home in time for dinner. Somehow Liam doesn't ask, "Are you high?"

Louis is having lunch with Sheila, the Harvard rep played by Rachael Harris last season, and they're doing that whole weird, fast-paced, high-power banter thing they do. She's pretty impressed at how he's now a senior partner, empowered to hire an associate of his own. She's already prepared to set him up with her top five, and she's got something else for him as well: her hotel room key for later. "Bring coconut oil, a ski mask, and duct tape," she instructs. That'll get him some odd looks at Duane Reade.

The D.A. on Liam's case, a young blonde named Katrina Bennett, meets Harvey and Mike in her office. She seems to have some kind of hard-on to take down Harvey, which he totally gets, but tells her that this isn't the case. He and Mike downplay everything, adding Liam's doing the right thing after what is ultimately an accident. Katrina breaks the news that the victim died, which makes it felony hit-and-run with a sentence of 12 to 15 years. So she's being generous and offering 10. "Tell me it's not what you would have offered" is her exit line. Of course, they don't.

Louis interviews the first of Sheila's candidates, a young Maya Rudolph type by the name of Maria Monroe. Trying to intimidate her, Louis drops her impressive resume in the trash and gives her five minutes to impress him. She turns it right around on him, saying he's the one on the clock and giving him a deadline of noon today if he wants her to even consider him. Which totally works; he dismisses the other candidates waiting outside, and offers to beat any other salary offer she gets by 50%. I don't know if she's a great as Louis thinks she is, but her negotiating skills are certainly up to scratch.

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