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Going to Pot

At night, in the office, Donna has a Serious Conversation with Harvey about the deal, and he insists that Katrina starts on Monday. But at least nobody's breaking privilege.

Louis is back in Sheila's hotel suite, and she can tell something's a little off with him. More so than usual, that is. He confesses that he had to rescind Maria's offer. She's disappointed that he isn't the man she thought he was, but he's hoping they can laugh about it later. "Your sexual prowess isn't going to get you out of this," she hisses. Louis blames the company hiring freeze, but Sheila somehow already knows that Harvey just hired Katrina. So now both she and Louis know Jessica's excuse was bullshit. And the evening is over, because Louis can get screwed by Sheila or Jessica, but not by both.

Mike confronts Harvey about having bribed Katrina. Harvey argues it like the weasely lawyer he often is before finally conceding that yep, he did, and he did it to save Mike. After all, if Mike has violated privilege, people were likely to find out all sorts of other interesting things about him. Mike says this is about right and wrong, and Harvey says he's tired of being blamed for Mike's conscience. He asks Mike if his life is better or worse since coming to work here. "Both," Mike says, probably honestly. Harvey tells him to focus on the positive, because if he has another chance to cross the line to save someone, it probably won't be for a sanctimonious whiner. "Now get your shit together." And he never even brought up the fact that Mike's existence messed up the chance for the firm to hire a stellar associate, either. Not that that probably bothers Harvey much, since that does fit with the Screw Louis protocol.

Walking through the office Mike and Rachel see each other at a distance and pause to look at each other, but rather than having yet another unpleasant conversation, Mike just presses the button for the elevator. Mike goes to meet Liam with the paperwork, and he's pretty pissed that Liam killed a man and Mike has to live with it. Liam says he feels bad, and Mike tells him he doesn't deserve this. "So you better clean yourself up and come up with a way to make up for Albert Chung." Mike walks away before Liam can tell him that he plans to carry on Chung's work and has already signed up for graffiti classes.

Harvey shows up at Zoe's place again, this time with flowers (for the niece) and a car to take her up to the Berkshires. But the date's off again: her brother has cancer and won't survive. Harvey realizes that means the father of Zoe's niece, whom Zoe is going to raise when the kid becomes an orphan. Harvey wonders why she didn't tell him before, and she says she didn't expect what happened last night. "You wanted to have a night." He hugs her consolingly and says he's sorry. But he's still not getting any.

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