Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath

After the ads, Harold is packing up his desk and complaining to Mike about the unfairness of getting fired despite doing what Louis asked when out of nowhere he says he wishes he and Mike had known each other at Harvard. Mike fake-reminisces about some douche named Duncan, and Harold says he wasn't always like this; people used to come to him for help. Harold shows Mike his first law school essay, which he apparently keeps handy. That must be because of the professor's comments on the cover that cause Mike to say, "Holy shit." He seems to come to a decision.

Harvey and Donna are efficiently going through his client list and deciding on how they're going to suck up to each and every one of them. At least they have a plan. And Donna adds to Harvey, "No one is leaving you." Well, Zoe still is.

Mike walks into Louis's office and says it's okay for Louis to go hire Harold back now that he's made his point. Louis insists that was for real, and runs down a litany of Harold's past mistakes which range from amusing to expensive. Mike blames Harold's flailing on his terror of Louis, and Louis agrees to keep Harold -- on the condition that Mike personally checks all of Harold's work and still do his job for Harvey. "So how does that work for you? We have a deal?"

Rachel comes down to wish Harold good luck, but Harold is less worried now that Mike is talking to Louis. But then Mike comes back and says there was nothing he could do. Which is kind of true, because what Louis asked was pretty much impossible. They talk about the other associates who have been leaving, including a couple of new names, and say their goodbyes to Harold. Rachel remarks to Mike that Harold didn't deserve that. The tattoo of the shark that looks more like a manatee, though? That's something Harold deserved.

Mike rushes into Harvey's office with the news of the additional departing associates. Harvey blows him off, but when Donna starts taking Mike seriously, so does Harvey. Coincidentally, the names are all fifth-years... Louis's first class of associates, in fact. Harvey storms off to confront Louis....

...who is cackling into his phone when he hangs up and turns to find Harvey sitting in his guest chair, accusing him of betraying the firm and helping Allison Holt. Louis insists he's not a traitor and kicks Harvey out. Harvey's getting up to go, but when Louis unwisely adds, "I did nothing wrong," Harvey sweeps his desk clean with one arm and accuses, "You bugged my office! You ran to Hardman about the CM lawsuit. You sold your soul for senior partnership. And once you got it, you created a drug policy with the sole purpose of firing me!" I think Louis meant he did nothing wrong today. Louis points out that all blew up in his own face, which doesn't impress Harvey, who also brings up the Monica Eaton thing. "How did you know it was me?" Louis sputters. "Because I set it up!" Harvey bellows. "Because I know who you are! Are you still going to tell me you're not helping Allison?" Louis swears he has nothing to do with it, but Harvey will never trust him. "Pearson Hardman is my life," Louis says.

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