Blood in the Water

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Math and Aftermath

Suddenly Mike barges in babbling about the Trent contract and making up excuses about his black eye until Jessica glides back out again. Harvey asks who did this to him, but Mike is still downplaying it, saying he's fine. Harvey says it's not, "And after I get done kicking his ass, the guy who did it isn't going to be either." His protectiveness is kind of sweet, if obnoxious. Mike insists he deserves it but doesn't want to tell Harvey about it, "because of the story you told me about your mom and your dad." Mike? I think you just told him. Harvey stands up like he's going to take a swing of his own at Mike, but pulls it together and says, "You got off easy." Mike knows it, and changes the subject back to Trent's contract.

He tells Harvey it's a bad deal, and the problem is in the financials. Harvey realizes that means Mike got help from Louis, who Mike insists was the one who figured out the problem -- they're just going to buy Trent's contract, then sell it off in pieces after they have Trent, who they can only get out of his non-compete by buying his company in the first place. Something like Louis's situation, only different. "This is just his way of saying he's sorry," Mike says.

Harvey goes and finds Allison at a restaurant. She quickly figures out that Trent isn't coming to lunch as planned, which she deduces only partially from Harvey's gloating. He sits down across from her and announces that Trent is following his advice, taking his company public with the help of a hedge fund that used to be Allison's client and is also now Harvey's just for good measure. Harvey observes that she's taking this defeat pretty well, and she shrugs that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. "Not me," Harvey turbo-gloats. Allison invites Harvey to come work with her, saying there's now blood in the water and other firms will come after Pearson Hardman. Harvey isn't worried, even when Allison reminds him that she now has all their best senior associates, which represented the firm's future. Harvey even drops some cash on the table to pay for her lunch, saying, "We just landed a huge new client." "You say 'we,' but I don't see your name on the door," Allison says.

Mike meets Jimmy at a club, apparently by prior arrangement. He still feels like he owes Mike one, but the resumé Mike hands him is Harold's. Jimmy rolls his eyes, but when he looks at Harold's surprisingly impressive resume, he relents. "Harold's great. You're going to love his new tattoo," Mike assures Jimmy. Harold waves at them from across the bar, because of course he's there too.

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