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Shreds of Evidence
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Uh-oh -- previouslies, which on USA is always a dead giveaway that what we're about to watch is going to be heavy. Short version: a wrongful death-case-losing, fraud-case-making document from one of Harvey's old clients turned up, and then, after the client settled, Donna found a copy of that very document in the files with her own damn signature on it, in what is undoubtedly the worst "oops" moment in her entire career. Well, so far.

Harvey's having an early-morning run through Central Park (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) when he's accosted by a red-haired sports agent named Jeffrey, who's about to sign a 16-year-old tennis star named Marco Mendoza and wants Harvey in. Harvey plays hard to get... but he's going to be even harder to get when the two of them meet with the kid in a restaurant and Harvey learns Jeffrey wants to emancipate Marco from his father. It still takes some talking to convince Harvey that Marco needs to be emancipated so he can go pro and beat the best while he's still in his prime. Because in two years he's going to be eighteen and decrepit.

It's also morning at the firm, and Donna's standing over the shredder with that document in her hand that she found late last night. Mike accidentally startles her, to the point where he observes, quite correctly, that he looks like she's burying a corpse. Mike offers to help, but Donna says the moment is ruined, and walks out with the document still intact and in her possession.

Up in Jessica's office, she, Harvey, and Daniel Hardman are playing host to Diane Neal from the teeming ranks of former L&O D.A.s, here playing a lawyer again, though this one is named Alison Holt. She's advising them how to proceed with the fraud case against the firm, claiming that they buried the very document that's causing Donna so much agita. Harvey suggests going to the dead victim's family to have them back up Pearson Hardman, but Diane Neal hates that idea, considering Pearson Hardman (and Harvey in particular) dragged that victim's name through the mud during the trial four years ago. Alison says, "You're not just poking the bear, you're putting a cattle prod up its ass." Harvey bickers with her over some cases she's lost in the past (a total of three in 14 years, it turns out), and Hardman interjects that he thinks Harvey has a problem not with Alison, but with Hardman. He explains that he's asking them to trust him, so he'll trust them, by leaving them alone with Alison. What are they going to do, eat her?

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