Break Point

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Shreds of Evidence

Jessica excuses Harvey from the room for a one-on-one. Alison says she's a straight shooter, and proves it by criticizing Jessica's dress and advising her to keep Harvey on a leash. We all know Jessica isn't going to change the way she dresses, any more than she's going to get Harvey to do what she tells him to, but Jessica's sufficiently impressed with Alison to go right to Harvey and report that Alison's the lawyer, and she's in charge. "Stay out of her way," Jessica orders. But no sooner is she gone than Mike comes in with an address, presumably for the plaintiff. Harvey heads out to, as he puts it, "go chase some cars." So that should go well. Don't forget your cattle prod, Harvey.

After the credits and the ads, Harvey dares to show his face at the day care center where the widow of the dead man he slandered in court four years ago works. It's an understatement to say she's not happy to see him, even when he shows her paperwork showing that he's been a big anonymous donor for years. Harvey argues that he was only doing his job. She's still not dropping the suit, and even when Harvey claims he can help her get justice, she's not buying. Go figure.

Mike walks by Louis's office, and detours in there when he sees that Harold is in there alone. Well, not exactly; Harold is holding Louis's big fluffy cat despite being in the throes of an allergy attack that looks about three notches shy of Ebola. Louis interrupts Mike's sympathetic conversation with Harold to point out that allergies are a sign of weakness, then dismisses Mike to go help Harvey with his "tennis fling." This deal must sting to tennis player Louis, who says Harvey "wouldn't know topspin if it hit him in the ball-sack... get out." Mike does, and Louis dispatches Harold to "get the bag." I assume he doesn't mean the ball-sack.

Harvey escorts Jeffrey and Marco to the conference room, where Mike is waiting... with Marco's dad. This is a shock to Jeffrey, but Harvey insists that Marco is his client, not Jeffrey, and dismisses the latter. As they all sit down together at the table, Harvey tries to win Marco's dad over with a story about Michael Jordan's decision to take two years off in his prime, which he regrets. Harvey knows this, of course, because Michael Jordan is his client. The dad isn't impressed, pointing out some of Michael Jordan's other problems that he wants Marco to avoid. Even as Harvey and Mike try to keep the atmosphere cool, it soon gets heated and the dad loses his temper and storms out, decreeing that Marco isn't going pro. Looks like he's forcing their hand, right?

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