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Shreds of Evidence

In Hardman's office, he's quietly arguing that Jessica should take the deal. He reminds her she's spilled blood before, although he claims he's not referring to himself, but other names they crossed off the letterhead. "That was for the good of the firm," Jessica says. "Was it?" Hardman asks doubtfully. Could it be that he's not a villain at all, but the firm's new conscience? Not that he couldn't screw things up even worse that way. In this case, he's saying that evidence was destroyed and a law was broken, and if it were anyone else but Harvey she wouldn't hesitate. Especially, as he gently points out, considering Jessica's position in the firm.

Mike walks into a diner and finds the sports agent, Jeffrey, with the emancipation paperwork in hand. Except that Mike now realizes Marco lied about the abuse, and Jeffrey put him up to it. Jeffrey blusters for a bit, then says it doesn't matter anyway because they won, but Mike rips up the paperwork. Jeffrey tries to threaten Mike with Harvey, but Mike says, "Harvey's not going to do shit. This is my case. And you are done." He exits with a bit of Jeffrey's lunch in his mouth and everything. Very Harvey-esque

Harvey sits in his office, actually listening to one of those records for once. Jessica comes in to break the news. "Not now. My dad," Harvey says, pointing at the turntable. So apparently Specter the Elder was a bit of a jazz musician. Jessica waits a respectful interval, but it's Harvey who breaks the silence, saying, "I was wrong." "Am I in the right office?" Jessica goads gently. Harvey confesses to his repeat visit to the plaintiff and admits, "Alison's right. I shouldn't be the lawyer. I don't even make a good client." Jessica says she doesn't either, but she has some hard news for him.

Mike arrives at his cubicle to find Rachel in his chair, wanting a favor. She picks up the signed tennis ball on his desk from Marco, who I assume gave it to Mike before he ripped up the emancipation papers and put Marco's pro career on hold for another two years. "Not as big as Harvey's," she quips, referring to Harvey's collection of signed basketballs. "Really? You're gonna go there?" Mike asks. Rachel says she needs it, but when Mike asks her what for, she says, "Why don't we just call that my secret?" Either way, she leaves with the ball.

Jessica invites Hardman to see her in her office -- his old office. And right now, too. She tells him that she wants him to let Alison go. When he asks why, she explains that he's letting him do it "as a courtesy," since he brought her in, and the reason Alison is being cut loose is because she can't win, because she doesn't believe in Harvey. Like Jessica does. Hardman says it's her decision, but adds that she's trying to humiliate him rather than do him a courtesy. Jessica says he was trying to threaten her earlier when he referred to her position in the firm, which she realized either belatedly or erroneously, but possibly both. Hardman mildly says he was only pointing out facts, but Jessica says that what Hardman was threatening -- as veiled as it was -- isn't going to happen. "And as for your point about a law being broken, you're right. I'm not going to sit by and do nothing." Well, that doesn't sound good.

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