Buried Secrets

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My Own Worst Enemy
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We're starting with Rachel in the morning, slinking around Mike's apartment just wearing one of his shirts and playfully giving him shit about his old, cheap furniture. This is her way of saying she was wondering if there's anything there she could live with, which means she's taking him up on his offer to move in with him. Mike is thrilled, and then Rachel says all she's bringing is him. So Mike starts pointing out some of the tackier items that he wants to take to their new place, like a painting of a panda and a crappy old chair, making up some Grammy-related provenance about each of them. Until she catches the snap, that is. "When you lie, try less details," she advises. It's been working on the Harvard thing so far.

Across town, Harvey and Scottie are also having a romantic morning start to their day, which includes a lot of morning-after talk and Scottie mocking Harvey for the passionate way he said he wants her in her life last night. Anyway, Scottie has to go now because she got a job offer from a top-tier law firm the night before, "and I thought it might be best if I negotiate the terms of my agreement with the partner I'm not sleeping with." Harvey's like, yeah, about that?

Cut to Harvey in Jessica's office, trying to convince her that they should hire Scottie, like he already told Scottie he would. Jessica has her doubts about Harvey's reasons for wanting Scottie to join the firm, and doesn't let Harvey get away with a "none of your business" response, because it literally is. Harvey confesses that he likes-likes Scottie, which Jessica acts as supportive about as she can, but she's wondering what happens when Harvey and Scottie break up. Harvey asks, "Who says we're gonna break up?" Jessica's face is all, "Do I even have to answer it?" I think the answer to that question would be, uhhh…Merica.

The actual business of the day begins with Mike accosting Harvey in the hallway, demanding a particular case. It seems that one of Pearson Specter's clients makes a heart stent, and one of the patients who had it died so his family is suing the company. As they head into Harvey's office, Mike wants to fight the settlement, but Harvey says it's not worth the firm's time. Mike happens to mention the opposing counsel's name: Mike Rinaldi, the scumbag who screwed Mike's grandmother out of a decent settlement for his parents' deaths when he was eleven years old. Harvey gives Mike the go-ahead even before Mike is done explaining. Bros, man.

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