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Battling Bosses

Rachel runs into Donna in the break room, and notices that she's wearing a new dress. Donna claims there's no special occasion, but no sooner has she mentioned sugar for her coffee than Stephen Huntley saunters in, acting all working-class James Bond and flirting with…Rachel. Both women shut him down, and after he leaves, Rachel and Donna discuss Stephen and what all of that meant.

Long story short: Rachel figures out Stephen is the reason for Donna's new dress. Donna says that Steven asked her out, and even though he's charming and hot (allegedly; most of his lines would be pretty gross without the accent if you ask me), Donna claims she never mixes business with pleasure… because that would require some pleasure. Rachel points out that he's only in town for six weeks and is practically with a different company, but Donna says it's still out. She leaves the room without explaining to Rachel why the dress, then.

Jessica comes into Harvey's office for an update on the Hessington case, and they exchange a few disparaging comments about Louis's idea for Ava to have given an interview in the first place. Louis himself storms in, accusing Harvey of sabotaging the case. Harvey points out that murder trumps takeover, and Jessica backs Harvey. So Louis says that Ava Hessington is going to have to step down, for the sake of his client -- which is Hessington Oil. Harvey says that Ava Hessington is Hessington Oil, but on this point, Jessica backs Louis, who says they can go to the board and not even tell Ava about it until it's done.

Harvey refuses to do it, but Jessica insists that it's her call. But Harvey says it isn't. Is he showing his hand already? "You and I both know who assigned me to this case, and it wasn't you. It was the man you chose to merge with. The same man who has a 51% share of our law firm. So unless you're gonna undo that, you're gonna live with this." Sucks for Jessica that Darby's 51% means he gets his way 100% of the time.

Cut to Harvey walking with Mike in the bullpen, as Mike asks if Jessica was pissed when he said that to her. "Not as pissed as you're gonna be," Harvey says, which is his way of assigning Mike to work with Katrina. Harvey's reason is that even though Jessica folded, Harvey quite wisely doesn't trust Louis to stick to the plan, which is why Mike is going to breathe down his and Katrina's neck to keep them in line. Mike wonders if Darby will still back Harvey's move to take over the firm if Ava loses her company. "I didn't ask," Harvey says, "but I sure as hell wouldn't."

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