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Battling Bosses

Later in the evening, Louis visits Jessica in her office, ostensibly to thank her for backing him up earlier, but really to suggest a plan whereby he'll go behind the back of Harvey and "his Master Lord Poppycock" to knock Ava out of power. Jessica doesn't go for it, so Louis keeps pushing it, saying that Jessica doesn't have to know about it. Of course, if Louis really meant that, he'd be doing it already. When Jessica refuses, pointing out that this is different from another time she had Louis do something similar, Louis taunts, "I get it. You were in charge then. You're not in charge anymore." Ouch.

Donna finds Steven struggling with the copier and shows him how to finesse it. That gives him an opening to ask her for her help with his "short-term needs" and she joins in the double-entendre-laden banter about relieving pressure and what not. So she agrees to help him out on a temporary basis, as he promises to be demanding but generous, showing her two tickets to Daniel Day-Lewis in Macbeth. This is all so innuendo-laden that they should maybe just confirm that they're talking about the same thing, so she says, "You do realize that this arrangement would involve no secretarial work?" "I'd be disappointed if it did," he says. I hope they know what they just agreed to because I sure as hell don't.

Louis finds Katrina to give her a similar assignment to the one Harvey gave Mike, but she's already on it, regardless of how much she hates Mike. Louis asks if she would murder someone if he asked her to, and when she requests his preference for a gun or a knife, he says, "If you were less attractive I'd love you." "I know," she deadpans. She asks why they don't just kick Ava Hessington out, and when Louis says it's Harvey's decision, she offers to do it anyway, behind his back. Louis appreciates the suggestion, but says, "I refuse to operate in a duplicitous manner." Heh. So Katrina promises to find another way.

Mike and Katrina's working relationship isn't getting off to a smooth start, unsurprisingly. She says that Mike's strategy of finding dirt on Tony Gianopolous isn't going to work, and he says that neither will her plan to argue that Gianopolous's takeover would constitute a monopoly (as though anyone enforces those laws any more anyway). But something she says gives him a good enough idea that soon they're both sticking Post-Its to the board and saying, "Shit." And then, "Shee-it," "as Clay Davis from The Wire," according to the closed captioning. From out in the hallway, Rachel can't seem to help noticing the two of them not actively hating each other.

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