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Battling Bosses

And here's the absolute worst Toronto-as-New York shot this show has ever dared put on the screen. I mean, the CN Tower is in the background, for God's sake. Darby gets out of a car and comments on the "lovely coincidence" of running into Jessica in Toronto. Oh, okay, so I'll allow it. Jessica asks Darby to tell Harvey to butt out of the takeover side of the Hessington Oil case, saying that Darby's "bond" with Ava's father is blinding him to what needs to be done. Darby refuses, saying she needs to find another way that doesn't involve firing Ava. And by the way, he adds, the next time she wants to spend firm money on an international flight to question his judgment, she should just call first. "I'll be happy to give you the same answer over the phone." People talk on phones on this show?

Louis is thrilled with what Katrina has just shown him, saying it's brilliant. Katrina manages to say it was actually Mike's idea. And the reason she's giving him credit is so Louis will listen when she advises him to take Mike along so he can watch Louis "beat the shit out of a living legend," meaning Tony Gianopolous. And then Mike will make Louis look good by reporting back to Jessica. Louis is on board with all that, and says he'll suggest it to Harvey.

Coincidentally, Harvey comes in and preemptively blows Louis off, then high-handedly orders him to take Mike along, just as Louis was going to suggest. But Harvey's such a dick about it that Louis refuses, telling Harvey to butt out. Harvey reminds Louis he gave him the case in the first place, and when he threatens to take it back, Louis invites Harvey to call Ava and tell her he's going to blow off her murder trial for the takeover. That actually shuts Harvey up, and he leaves the room in defeat. "What just happened to him?" Louis quizzes Katrina. "He got Litt up," Katrina whispers reverently. "Damn straight," Louis says.

Ava's in Harvey's office, stressing at him and Mike about the latest pissy Journal article. Which is probably something they should have expected after conning one of its reporters. She still wants to speak publicly, and Harvey says that if she insists on that, he's going to show her what she's in for.

Louis is shown into a schmancy conference room, with a distracted functionary who tells Louis that he's not getting through to see Gianopolous. Louis figures he will, when he plops down a few folders that show Gianopolous Limited Holdings. Which don't seem all that limited, given all the companies owned in several industries. And according to Louis, Hessington Oil owns enough other companies in those same industries to get in trouble with the FTC. The guy says they've already divested, but Louis already has the goods on new companies they invested in -- as well as interest in them through Hessington Oil. "And if you don't leave them alone you're going to be tied up with my friend from the FTC until kingdom goddamn come. Got that, Spank?" "Spank" says it's a good thing Gianopolous got an exception from his friend, the commissioner of the FTC.

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