Conflict of Interest

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Battling Bosses

Louis starts to sputter that that isn't legal, but Spank says it is, with disclosure. He also disparages Louis's entire profession, saying that he and his colleagues in investment banking didn't go to Harvard; they went to Wharton, and they saw him coming a mile away. And, by the way, the boss is in Monaco. "Christina will validate you on the way out." At the moment, Louis does look like he's in desperate need of validation.

Katrina finds Mike cleaning up the conference room that was their shared workspace, and after some non-hostile chatting and some more TV quotes, Katrina tells Mike that she told Louis to take him along. Mike offers her a hand, and they call a truce.

Rachel finds Donna getting all dolled up in the ladies' room. Donna tells her about the "arrangement" with Stephen that starts with him picking her up at 8:00. She talks about all the banter and double entendres that she and Stephen engaged in, and Rachel asks if Donna agreed to a steamy affair. Donna: "I have no idea." I knew it!

Louis comes back to Jessica and says he wants off the case, given that he can't win it if she's going to let Harvey handcuff him. Jessica says she's not taking Louis off the case, but she's taking off the handcuffs. Louis asks if she's saying he can go to the board to have them boot Ava. "I'm not saying anything," she says, and tells Louis this conversation never happened. Louis lingers, wanting to know if Jessica ever said that to Harvey. "Would I tell you if I had?" she says quite logically. She leaves him there, and he excitedly says into his recorder, "Wednesday, 6:52 PM. It happened."

Donna gets out of a cab outside the theater, which is the opposite of Stephen picking her up at eight. They still banter as though this was the plan, and he claims to be to the theater what Harvey is to sports. Donna knows better, but Stephen says they're also eating dinner with Daniel Day-Lewis after the show. He's still bragging about how good he is at getting things done when she asks what time dinner is, and says they'd better get going. "We're not going to the show," she says. Stephen hails a taxi, and I guess Donna's going to be meeting Daniel Day-Lewis with JBF hair.

Harvey and Mike have Ava set up in front of a tabletop video camera, like a regular deposition. Harvey's playing hardball with her, not only cross-examining her but outright accusing her of paying for the murders with the bribe she paid. "You did it. You know it. You're not convincing anyone," he says, playing the part of the zealous prosecutor.

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