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Didn't You Get the Memo?
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Louis pays a visit to Hardman's office and the founding partner makes him wait a good long while before letting him talk. Louis offers to take on an insurance client Hardman brought in, which Hardman condescendingly says is beneath Louis. Louis assures him there's no such thing, which Hardman thinks may be some kind of illicit offer. Louis makes a weaselly speech about firm dynamics, but all Hardman wants right now is to see Mike Ross. Louis babbles an excuse about how Mike has been busy helping him with a suit involving Liquid Water suit. Hardman pleasantly tells Louis to forget it and somehow drives him from the room with nothing more than an expression of polite boredom.

So now -- in order to make the lie he just told Hardman (for reasons I'm not quite clear on) no longer a lie -- Louis has to go to Harvey and say he's claiming Mike for two weeks as his reward for the bet he won in last season's penultimate episode. Harvey isn't giving in unless Louis says Harvey is the best closer in New York... to Donna. "Welcher," Louis says, scampering away. Having reached Donna's desk, Harvey collects an envelope from her, then proceeds into his office and fields some sass from Mike before opening it. Whereupon he discovers that it's a complaint to reopen an auto fatality case Harvey won four years ago defending "Coastal Motors." Presumably on the argument that anybody who'd buy a "Coastal Motors" car knew what he was getting into. Mike rattles off the details of the case from his circus-freak memory and adds, "This can't be surprising to you any more." But as they both know, the statute of limitations is expired for what is essentially a product liability case, so they figure this is essentially a shakedown that they'll easily quash. Mike moves on to making fun of the presence of The Spinners in Harvey's extensive record collection, and that's the last smart remark Harvey needed to hear in order to decide to deliver Mike to Louis, which he does forthwith. Louis accepts and he and Harvey agree that the only limitations to Louis's treatment of Mike will be the ones outlined by the Geneva Convention. Which, for Louis, is actually kind of generous.

After a crosstown transition shot during which we briefly fear being impaled by the Chrysler Building, we catch up to Harvey in an empty conference room. Travis Tanner -- the formerly undefeated lawyer played by Eric Close (also from last season) -- comes in, gives Harvey some shit, and says he's the new senior partner at Smith and Devane. Which would explain why he's dressed in a fancier suit and has his hair slicked back with enough oil to lubricate a sedan from Coastal Motors. Speaking of which, Tanner shows Harvey the "new evidence" they're using to reopen the case: a heavily redacted internal memo showing that CM knew about engineering defects that caused the crash. Harvey claims to have never seen it before, which Tanner doesn't buy. What Tanner does want is $46 million dollars for the client, plus he's suing Harvey and the whole firm of Pearson Hardman for fraudulently concealing the memo. "You really want to come after me again?" Harvey asks incredulously. "0 and 2 doesn't look good on a resume." The meeting ends with Harvey inviting Tanner to kiss his ass. Nice that they got a chance to catch up.

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