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Didn't You Get the Memo?

Hardman pays a visit to Harvey's office, saying he wants to make up for overstepping last week in the form of letting Harvey help with that insurance client he just shut Louis out of. Harvey tries to pass, but when Hardman insists he's making a peace offering, Harvey eventually agrees to free up some time next week. After Hardman's exit, Mike comes in, saying, "I think I didn't find something." "Let me not have it, then," Harvey says. Mike says CM had a quality control manager named Sarah Layton who reported on lots of other cars made by CM, but not the one involved in the wrongful death case. And after that car went into production, not only did she never write another memo, she disappeared from the company's records. So it sounds like the heavily redacted internal memo -- with all the names and dates blacked out -- must have come from her desk. The proverbial dog that didn't bark, in other words. Harvey figures the company put her on permanent unpaid leave after that. Mike's pretty proud of himself for not finding this, but Harvey warns him that cockiness is unbecoming. "On you," he adds when Mike clears his throat. "I can pull it off." Mike announces that he knows where she lives -- just in time for Louis to overhear as he comes in. So Harvey and Mike have to spin a tale about Harvey reconnecting with his high school sweetheart. Louis departs with an order for Mike to be ready for tomorrow's deposition, and Harvey departs to see if he can get help from a woman who may or may not have been involved in a cover-up and may or may not actually want to talk to him.

Harold delivers an armload of office supplies to Rachel, and she gently insists that since he's the associate and she's the paralegal, she should be helping him instead of the other way around. He does manage to get her to accept the stapler, which she drops into a drawer full of several others. So clearly Harold is not the first smitten associate.

Harvey walks up to Sarah Layton at her house. She recognizes him, and he doesn't deny her guess that he works for Coastal Motors, but he doesn't confirm it either. He just asks her all she's ever shown that memo to, and she says nobody... because she didn't write it. Because, after all, Kemp told her not to put anything about her concerns in writing so she didn't. Harvey wants her to swear she never talked to anyone else about it, but she has a bigger concern: Kemp promised to fix the cars on the line if she kept quiet, but he didn't fix the ones that had already been built and someone got killed as a result. "Get off my property and leave me the hell alone." Okay, good meeting.

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