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Didn't You Get the Memo?

She goes inside, and Harvey turns around to see Tanner waiting for him at the curb. He goads Harvey for having defended a murderer four years ago and gloats over the position Harvey's in now: Harvey has a legal obligation to come forward with the memo, but nobody will believe he didn't know about it all along. "I wouldn't wait too long now," Tanner adds. "I'd hate to have to report you to the bar." And then Tanner gets in his car, presumably to go report Harvey to the bar.

Back at the office, Jessica isn't remotely sympathetic to Harvey's situation; she just still wants him to make it go away. She decides it's time to tell Hardman, but Harvey doesn't want her to, now that he already passed up a chance to say something himself earlier. Jessica told him to keep it quiet, you'll recall. "The one time you listen to me," she laments. She adds that the only way to fix it is to negotiate a settlement, which Harvey can't do after getting them fired, but Harvey says that also means there's no reason he can't strong-arm them. "Gotta go."

In the conference room, Louis and Mike are deposing Durham Foods' VP of Market Research on video with the plaintiff's attorney present. Louis picks at the exec's scab at repeatedly being passed over for promotions. He commiserates, quite sincerely, over how it feels to work so hard and then get overlooked, a performance that doesn't go over Mike's head. It also works on the witness, who agrees with Louis's accusation that they're suing Liquid Water because their own product sucks. "There's nothing wrong with your ad campaign and that's the truth." And Louis wants this battle to go on for months? There's not going to be anything left of the other company in a week at this rate.

Mike is impressed with Louis all over again, and on the way to the elevator they excitedly discuss next steps, which Louis tries to cap off with a Chariots of Fire quote that does go over Mike's head. Louis wants the subpoenas on his desk in the morning, but amends that to, "Make it the afternoon, because you've earned it." So that'll be good when he finds out Mike's also working with Harvey.

In the Coastal Motors parking ramp, Harvey ambushes Kemp and says he knows about Sarah Layton. Kemp plays dumb and then plays weasel, but Harvey physically pushes him down onto the hood of his car. "That's what a solid front end feels like, but you didn't make one. So when Frank Randall's car hit the divider at fifty times the force that you just felt, it crumpled and split him in half. Then I savaged his reputation, all because you looked me in the eye and told me your hood was rock-solid." He tells Kemp to pay the plaintiffs, or Harvey's telling. Basically.

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