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Didn't You Get the Memo?

Next morning, Mike delivers the subpoenas to a proud Louis, saying, "War doesn't wait until the afternoon." Their shared good mood is squashed when Hardman soberly tells them that Durham Foods just declared bankruptcy. Mike thinks that means they win, but Louis is disappointed that their countersuit will be at the back of the line. "I'm sorry, I know you've been working on this for weeks," Hardman tells them both. That's news to Mike, but he doesn't rat out Louis to Hardman. In fact, as Hardman moves on and he and Louis proceed to the latter's office Mike suggests they advise their client to buy Durham Foods for the value of its other products. Win-win, which is usually Harvey's thing, but Louis likes it anyway. Back in the privacy of Louis's office, he asks Mike why he covered for him with Hardman. Mike starts to give Louis a pity-party in regard to his speech on being underappreciated, but thinks better of it and amends, "I've just really enjoyed working with you, Louis." That's a surprise for Louis, who thinks Harvey's been sabotaging the relationship between the two of them. So Mike sits down and points out the shitty things Louis has been doing to him since Season One, Episode Two, which Louis blows off, saying that it's water under the bridge. Mike points out that Louis wouldn't let things like that go if somebody had done it to him and Louis chokes out a promise to take Mike's thoughts under advisement, which is as close to an apology as he can bring himself. Mike gets up to leave, but Louis isn't done, thinking (correctly) that there's still something up. "My spider-parts are tingling," he says. "Please don't ever say things like that," Mike begs. Louis knows Harvey's up to something, and wants to know what it is. Mike lies that he doesn't know, but Louis doesn't believe him for a second. But there's nothing Louis can do about that... oh ha ha, who are we kidding?

When Harvey returns to the firm late in the evening, Mike intercepts him with the news that Louis's parts are tingling. "I don't want to know what that means or how do you know that?" Mike explains Louis's suspicions and says he doesn't like lying to him. Harvey teases him about whether they're moving in together. When they get to Harvey's office, Louis is already lying in wait for them and wanting to know what's going on. Donna's been away from her post, he knows about the Jessica vs. Hardman thing even though he's not supposed to, etc. "I know I haven't always been... well-behaved," he says, an admission that makes Harvey actually look at him for the first time since he walked into the room. "But I can help you on this. You just gotta trust me." Harvey just tells him coldly to go away. Hurt, Louis does. Mike tells Harvey that was harsh, but Harvey maintains they can't trust Louis. "All he wants is to be you," Mike says. "Isn't that what everyone wants?" Harvey quips. The conversation is cut short by a terse call from Kemp telling Harvey to give the plaintiffs what they want and maintaining he never saw the memo. This outcome is a surprise to Mike, but Harvey says this way the guilty party pays and his fraud suit goes away. The subject of Donna's continued absence comes up again and Mike says she's still off looking for that document. Harvey suddenly realizes why she isn't going to find one. "I just remembered who we're dealing with," he says, getting up. About time, too. He walks out, oblivious to the blinking device hidden under a file folder on his credenza. Louis's beloved Dictaphone, no doubt.

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