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n takes a step toward her, but she interrupts, "You can go now. Jessica's deposition is in the other conference room." She seems to have enjoyed that. In fact, aside from Hardman, I suspect everyone did.

Cut to Hardman deposing Jessica, asking why Monica Eaton was let go. Jessica gives some anodyne answer about a variety of factors, but when Hardman asks if it was because she was having an affair with a partner, Jessica begins, "I'm so glad you brought that up, you little son of a bitch, because -- " Harvey cuts her off and whispers that he's baiting her into breaking the agreement, and it's bait they can't afford for her to take. So she dances around the next few questions instead. Even when Hardman asks if Jessica was in love with the partner in question, Jessica's answer manages to be rude and yet still totally nonspecific. Quite impressive, really. Hardman keeps pressing with questions he knows damn well she can't answer without breaking the agreement. And then he accuses her of firing anyone who has sex. "This is bullshit," Jessica says angrily. "Then tell me differently," Hardman dares her. Harvey calls a halt, and as he and Jessica leave, Hardman accuses her of having forced Monica Eaton for being young, pretty, sexually active, and fertile. Jessica would be quite the jerk if that were true.

On the way out of the office that evening, Harvey intercepts Jessica near the elevator and says that Hardman is flanking them on gender and that again, they need to settle. "You can't be the name defendant on a gender discrimination case when we're suing Folsom Foods for the same thing," he says. Jessica angrily refuses to settle, and says that if Harvey doesn't like it, it's still her name on the goddamn wall. With that, she disappears into the elevator, leaving Harvey to angrily smack his hand against the "H" in "Hardman." It's too bad Daniel's last name wasn't Oswald, because I bet hitting an O would hurt a lot less.

After watching this moment unobserved from across the office, Mike proceeds to Rachel's desk and asks her, if she's done with her application (which she says she is) to show him the transcript of Jessica's' deposition. She balks, saying it's confidential, but he gives her an intense stare that shows off the way his tie matches his eyes today until she pulls it up on the screen. They read in horror for a few moments, and Mike blames himself. He says he needs to use it. "Either you print it or I type it up from memory but I have to," he insists. When she asks why, he brings up her wish to work at Pearson Hardman. "If I don't fix this, there might not be a Pearson Hardman."

Mike intercepts Monica Eaton on the street the next day. "You can't talk to me," she tells him on sight. They argue about that for a while, but if Mike didn't prevail there wouldn't be a scene. He appeals to her on behalf of Jessica, but Jessica is exactly the one Monica is mad at, for not only firing her in the first place but saying, when Monica disavowed all knowledge of Hardman's embezzlement, "I don't care." And she still thinks it was Jessica's idea to have Mike show up at her door in the first place -- which it she was, but Mike still doesn't know that. Mike tries to get Monica to look at the transcript of Jessica's humiliation at Hardman's slimy little hands, but Monica says -- wait for it -- "I don't care."

She shows up at Pearson Hardman later anyway. She stands around looking lost until Louis comes up and greets her, quite sincerely happy to see her. He had quite the crush on her, you may recall. But she shuts him down today as well, saying she's meeting Daniel. Which she does, moments later. Jessica witnesses this though the glass wall of the conference room she's currently primping in preparation for the deposition, then goes back to work in time to be interrupted by Mike, who is offering his help. He suggests that Jessica get Monica to admit the affair with Hardman, and since both of them got the axe, that short-circuits the gender claim and re-legitimizes Pearson Hardman's standing in the Folsom Foods suit. Harvey comes in asking Jessica, "You ready?" "He is," Jessica says, indicating Mike. I want you to let him take the lead on this." And she bails, saying she's not spending "another moment in the same room with those people." And after she made the room so nice, too.

Mike has barely begun the deposition before Hardman starts taunting him, calling Mike the b-team and mentioning Mike's approach of Monica earlier, which is news to Harvey. "I guess he must have learned from you not to always tell Dad what he's up to," Hardman teases Harvey, who shoots back that Mike learned "not to let some two-time loser get in his head." Mike resumes the deposition, asking who Monica had the affair with. Hardman tapdances her around that, so Mike asks why she was fired if there wasn't an affair. Monica says she complained about being harassed. "By who?" Mike asks impulsively. Harvey snaps, "Don't answer that," as though he's talking to his own client instead of Hardman's, but it's too late; Hardman says she's going to answer it, and she does, saying she was being harassed by Louis Litt. Indeed, we know that Louis repeatedly asked her out at the time, maybe even doing a little light stalking. Which she adds that everyone knew about, including Harvey. And then Jessica made her turn her resignation in to Louis himself. You know, when they put it that way, it sounds kind of bad.

In the men's room, Harvey says to Hardman that he now realizes it was Hardman's plan to blame Louis all along. Hardman's pretty smug about it; it's not like he never tried to pin shit on Louis before. And when Harvey asks Hardman what it'll take to settle -- which Jessica isn't going to like -- Hardman says it's about responsibility and that Monica wants Jessica found guilty by a jury. "You just want blood," Harvey says. Hardman says it's already there. "Allison Holt, Robert Zane, both came after you, and now you have 45 cases you can't afford. So, pay me fifteen million dollars, fight Monica and lose, fight Monica and win, it doesn't matter. Any way you slice it, I'm gonna bleed you dry." Even if they fight Monica and win?

Late at night, Louis comes to see Harvey in his office. "They promised a brunette!" Harvey snarks. "Well, I guess there's a few." Louis wants to have a little man-to-man, and says he not only wants to help, he needs to. Harvey says it's not a good idea, but he's not unsympathetic to Louis's motivations. Louis thinks he can convince Monica to drop the case, which is when Harvey hands over the transcript from that day's deposition. At first, Louis is touchingly proud to see that Mike led the deposition, but as he flips pages, his expression changes, and he's soon deeply hurt by what Monica said about him. "She pointed at you," he remarks to Harvey, remembering that Harvey teased him about it at the time. "That was teasing," Harvey points out ."This is bullshit." The two agree that Hardman and Monica are twisting everything. "He is," Louis says. All Harvey can offer Louis is a drink. Which Louis probably needs right about now.

Mike finds Rachel on the roof. Apparently they both learned how to get up there from Donna. Rachel admits to Mike that she lied and didn't do her essay, which he isn't exactly surprised to hear. Mike starts prompting her to talk about why she wants to be a lawyer, and she talks about people thinking her dad is amazing, and she wants people to think she is too. "You are," Mike says. Rachel has her doubts, "because every time I sit down at that keyboard, I think I'm a paralegal. That's all I've ever been, That's all I'll ever be." Mike brings up his interview with Harvey, which seems like dangerous ground. "He laughed me out of the room," he says. Mike decided he didn't give a shit, and decided Harvey would have to pick him up and throw him out. Rachel wonders what Mike actually said to him, and Mike answers, "I told him I'd be the best damn lawyer he'd ever seen." Rachel wishes to have been a fly on the wall. Their relationship would certainly have a different dynamic right now if sh

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