High Noon

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Daniel, a Bad Day, and Louis
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Jessica and Hardman are waiting outside the firm's library, where the senior partners are milling about and dropping slips (specially printed for the occasion!) into a locked ballot box. Hardman's feeling chatty, but Jessica so isn't. Harvey drops his ballot in, giving a hard look to Louis, who lingers over his like it's a trick question on the LSAT.

Rachel is shocked to find Mike hard at work in the file room, not believing that Harvey would make him come in the day after his grandmother's death. It turns out Mike hasn't told Harvey, or indeed anyone else, with the vote going on and all, and gets pretty pissy with Rachel for suggesting he go home and deal with it. But of course that's just misplaced guilt over not having seen Grammy for two months due to being too busy at work. So he's clearly come to the right place: work.

In the library, Jessica pulls out the last ballot and announces calmly, "The managing partner is Daniel Hardman. Effective immediately." There's a smattering of applause and dirty looks between Harvey and the presumed swing-vote Louis, and a short speech of gratitude from Hardman before he approaches Harvey to say he still wants them to work together. And that includes Jessica.

Harvey, however, goes to Jessica and advises bailing on the firm, taking at least twelve partners and all the associates with them. Jessica reminds him of the non-compete clause. Harvey suggests taking a year off, but Jessica insists they're staying until Hardman screws up again and they can take him back down. "You don't make major life decisions when you're reeling from a loss," she says. And ironically, she's saying this in VO while Mike walks up to a guy on the street and buys himself some weed. So at least he's still using his powers of observation, if only to ferret out the drug dealers in Midtown.

Harvey returns to his office to find it being cleaned out by workers, despite Donna's refusal not to let them touch Harvey's balls. His basketball collection is always good for a cheap laugh at least every third episode. Donna tells Harvey he's moving to the 46th floor -- switching with Paul Porter, of all freaking people. "Bow ties have no place here!" she all but wails at Harvey's retreating back. Harvey goes right to Hardman to call bullshit, and Hardman calmly explains that he's rewarding people who are loyal to him, like Paul, and invites Harvey to become one of those people. He tells Harvey to accept it with grace, so Harvey has the grace to say this to Hardman's face: "I'm coming for you."

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