High Noon

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Daniel, a Bad Day, and Louis

At the funeral, Rachel tries to cajole Mike into giving the eulogy, but he's not up for it. At least until some blonde chick from Mike's past named Tess comes up and adds some encouragement of her own. Together they get Mike up to the front of the room. Mike gives a halting speech about the loss of his parents, his grandmother taking him in, his wetting the bed and crying that night (that's rough at eleven), and Grammy making a joke about it and helping him laugh to sleep, and then waking up the next morning when Grammy was his whole family. Mike promises not to wet the bed tonight, but swears to remember everything Grammy ever did for him.

Afterward, Rachel and Tess tell Mike he did well, and we learn that Tess has known Mike since he was seven. Mike doesn't want to get into the details, but Tess blabs, "We shared a few milestones together. First beer, prom sex." Nice overshare. Tess suggests they all get drunk, but Mike has to pack up Grammy's room and Rachel has to go back to work, and she says Mike better not show up there later before taking her leave. Good, leave him to spend more time with Tess. That'll work out well.

At the firm. Louis enters Harvey's office to find him and Donna poring over the ERISA case. He tries to trip Harvey up on some details, but Harvey's untrippable -- at least until Louis informs Harvey that he'll be Louis's second chair in court at 4:00 today. As if that isn't enough, Louis gives Harvey his coffee order. After Louis leaves, Donna asks if that should go on Harvey's calendar. "I will take that as a no," Donna says after Harvey throws something at the wall. I hope it wasn't the can opener.

Mike and Tess are packing Grammy's room together when he confesses that he cancelled on her the night she died, and he never even got to say goodbye. "I never really get to say goodbye to anyone, do I?" he whines. Speaking of which, Tess admits that she canceled on him the night before she went to college because she didn't have the guts to say goodbye to him. She sits down next to him, and soon they're kissing, like Grammy's room is going to pack itself. But Tess interrupts, "I'm married." Mike jumps up, stung, and kicks her out. See, Mike? Goodbyes are overrated. That one sucked.

That night, Harvey knocks on Mike's door and says he didn't mean for Mike to never come back. Mike says his grandmother died, which Harvey says he knew, and respected Mike's unpreparedness to deal with it by trying to keep him busy. "Was I wrong?" Just asking that is below Harvey's usual level of arrogance, even if his lack of relief at Mike's "no" isn't. He comes in, noticing that Mike's stoned, and lights one of Mike's joints for himself. After an appraising drag, he asks Mike, "Is this the coffee cart guy?"

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