High Noon

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Daniel, a Bad Day, and Louis

After the ads, Mike is rifling through Harvey's record collection looking for something planted by Louis, like drugs. Which gives him the idea of doing the same thing to Hardman. Even while high, Harvey points out that's a crime, but Mike reminds him that Hardman would do the same to him. Harvey has an epiphany (the stoned kind being extra-visible, as it turns out), and wonders if maybe Hardman planted that damning memo from his old Coastal Motors case in the first place. You know, the one that caused so much trouble earlier in the season? Which would explain how Donna didn't remember seeing it. And now they're out at Donna's cubicle, where Mike has just finished fiddling with Donna's "received" stamp to show how easy it would be to backdate something. Plus there are no cameras or locks in the file room.

Of course Hardman -- who brought CM to the firm in the first place -- was already gone when the Coastal Motors case went to trial, but not when the woman who wrote the memo left the company. Walking out, Mike and Harvey keep gaming the scenario: the memo-writer confronted the CEO, who called his lawyer -- Hardman -- who told him to bury the memo, even though it's a crime. "He knew the cars were bad from the beginning," Mike says, having his own epiphany. They relocate to Hardman's own (apparently unlocked) office, where Mike reminds Harvey (and us) that Hardman's first project after coming back was to demand summaries for all the firm's cases. And he figured he could get the CM memo pinned on Harvey, but only with the help of someone on the outside: Travis Tanner. "They were in on it together," Harvey concludes as Mike randomly catches of the business cards Harvey keeps flicking into the air. Cut to Mike and Harvey in Jessica's office first thing the next morning, telling Jessica that there was no dirt on Tanner, like Hardman claimed he'd found to get him to drop the suit against Harvey. They tell her to call a partner meeting. "I'll call it," Jessica agrees. "Five minutes after you get me some proof."

Harvey finds Tanner at the boxing gym and lays it out for him. "I want to know about you and Hardman. You're going to answer my questions or I'm going to kick your ass." Tanner says he's not doing one and Harvey can't do the other, and soon they're in the ring together, exchanging blows. "Why'd you settle?" Harvey asks every time he gets a good lick in, while Tanner returns every punch with, "I decline to answer." Harvey keeps hitting, and eventually Tanner has enough, saying Harvey gets one question. He gave in pretty easily if you ask me. Never even went down. Harvey repeats the question he's been repeating all along, and Tanner says the memo was a fraud. Harvey says Tanner needs to come forward, but Tanner's already answered his one question.

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