High Noon

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Daniel, a Bad Day, and Louis

Mike opens his apartment door to Tess and reminds her, "You're married." "I am," she agrees. "But you called me anyway." Mike agrees with that, and lets her in anyway. More bad life decisions.

Jessica finds Hardman in her office -- his old one -- and he coldly says he doesn't consider anything bought out. Jessica invites him to sue for it, knowing that they'll have more proof by the time it goes to court and it'll end Hardman's career for good. Hardman offers to leave it if Jessica will sign a confidentiality agreement. He still maintains that Harvey, not he, made the first move. "Someday he'll make the first move on you." After reading and signing the document, Jessica firmly tells him goodbye, asks if he's going to throw anything at her, and watches him leave quietly. "But don't kid yourself this is the last page of the story," he warns. Well, no, there are six more episodes in January.

Mike and Tess are canoodling in bed (which Mike has, presumably, not wet) when Mike gets up to answer the door, thinking it's the pizza he ordered. But of course it's Rachel, here to say she doesn't care about being smart. And, predictably, when she sees Tess wander past in the background wrapped in a sheet, she stops short. And so does the season. And so does whatever Mike was going to say to her. See y'all in January!

M. Giant is a Minneapolis-based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter , or just e-mail him at m.giant[at]

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