I Want You to Want Me

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As Donna leaves the room, Rachel turns to see Mike and Louis looking happy after having returned from the courthouse. Mike joins Rachel, saying the judge is ruling tomorrow so they still have a chance. He can tell that something's bothering her, and he tells her about the fight she just had with Donna. Mike nearly chokes on his coffee when Rachel says she approached Donna about Mike and Louis. Mike points out that Harvey doesn't like being told what to do and having Rachel in the mix makes it worse. "Why?" Rachel asks. Now it's Mike who closes the door, before he admits that Harvey forbade Mike to tell her the truth about his not-lawyerness. Rachel does not take this at all well, realizing, "Oh, my God, that's why you cut things off with me." She's pretty pissed at Harvey, even when Mike reminds her that Harvey risked it all for him not just at first but when Jessica found out the truth. Rachel hotly says, "I hope you know as you stand here defending him he has no intention of ever forgiving you, because I found out when Louis asked Harvey for his blessing, he said 'take him, he's all yours.' So instead of getting mad at me for trying to get Harvey to forgive you, maybe you should get pissed at Harvey and think about moving on." Or even just that second thing.

Instead, Mike goes storming into Harvey's office in high dudgeon, demanding, "What the hell is wrong with you?" He says Harvey will eventually have to forgive him. Without turning around, Harvey asks for what. "For making me hire Katrina? Getting high on the job your first week, betraying me with Jessica, or for telling Rachel about your secret?" He does turn around on that last one. Mike says Rachel was there for him after Harvey tried to fire him and still is. Harvey congratulates him, and Mike says that Harvey's attempt to punish Mike by letting Louis take him failed, because he actually likes working for Louis. Harvey says it wasn't punishment; it was "because you and I are done." Okay, now think about moving on.

That night, Jessica finds Harvey on the roof with a cocktail and warns him that Cameron is setting something up. Harvey's way ahead of her on that, having figured out that he was supposed to try bribing Nick. But instead he appealed to Nick's loyalty, saying he'd regret betraying it. "Something I know a little bit about," he snots. Jessica's so over his crap about who started what, and Harvey whines that Jessica tried to merge with Darby behind his back. "And then you picked a fight with him behind my back," Jessica says. "And then you blackmailed Mike behind mine," Harvey says. Which Jessica says was only possible because Harvey brought a fraud into his firm. Harvey doesn't even concede that point, because he figures he's just gotten Jessica to admit she blames Harvey. She only says she regrets where they are and has been trying to get them back to where they were. Harvey asks for some evidence of that, like in the form of her telling him the truth about why he's even on the case. Jessica admits that it was at Darby's behest, and she lied about it to try to reach out to him. Harvey's not impressed, and asks if Jessica would do it all the same way again. All Jessica says is that there's a deposition scheduled with Cameron tomorrow. "You want me there or not?"

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