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Pissed off, Harvey goes to Jessica saying it's a bullshit deal. Jessica says Darby will consider this a win, even if Harvey doesn't. "Do you really want to gamble five years of her life so you can prove you're better than Cameron?" Uh, why wouldn't he? Harvey is stubbornly defending his case, and suddenly Jessica says out of nowhere, "I would." Meaning she would do it again, like he asked before. "You put me in that position again and I'll do whatever I have to do to win. Because we win." Harvey asks if she's telling him to kick Cameron's ass. Nope, she's saying take the deal, because Cameron's ass has been kicked. Barely.

Mike shows up at Rachel's door and says, "Sorry." "Me too," she says. They make up pretty quickly, and Mike says Louis asked him to be his associate. "I told him I needed some time to think about it and then I came straight here." She thinks he's apologizing so he can ask her for advice, and he says he'd also like some sex. She gives him a choice of one of the other. "Really don't need any advice," he says, slinging her over his shoulder.

The next morning, Harvey has Ava in the conference room, advising her to take the deal. Her only hesitation is that she's going back to London Nick and she's feeling bad after finding out that Nick screwed her for his own survival rather than personal gain. "He still did it," Harvey insists. "But that doesn't mean I'm not going to miss him," Ava says, and takes her leave. Are you getting the parallels? Donna comes in as Ava leaves, remarking to Harvey that she thought working with Jessica would change his mind about his plan to go after her. Harvey says it didn't, "because if she had it to do all over again she would." Donna looks over his shoulder at Mike, who happens to be hovering out near Reception and points out, "If this whole thing is really Jessica's fault, maybe it's time we consider forgiving Mike." Yeah, the timing on this is not going to be great.

Mike presents himself in Louis's office and quotes, "You make me want to be a better man." Louis realizes this means Mike watched As Good as it Gets. On turn, Louis watched Jerry Maguire. A happy quotefest ensues like the kind Mike and Harvey used to do, signaling that Mike's in. and then Louis rushes giddily off to the kitchen to get something that he says is "the perfect way to consummate our relationship." While Mike is waiting for him to return, Harvey saunters in behind him and sighs, "I can't let you do this." "Let me?" Mike asks. Harvey clarifies, "Don't do this." Mike says he already said yes and can't go back on his word. Harvey lies that Mike isn't: "You're going back where you belong." Mike says, "I am." He adds, "I am sorry." Harvey says he knows, and suggests Mike take the night off and go out with his girlfriend. I guess Mike figures that's the one thing Louis won't do for him, because he walks over to Harvey and offers his hand, saying, "Thanks, Harvey." This is when Louis returns carrying a huge cake, stopping short when he sees them in this position through the glass window, though neither of them know that he's there. Louis's face falls. "No, we're going up top," Harvey tells Mike, both of them still oblivious to Louis's presence just on the other side of the glass wall. "But if you come in late tomorrow, you're fired." Louis watches them give each other a hearty, manly, dude-ly high-five and bitterly turns away, dropping the cake into the nearest bin. The camera zooms in on it so we can see that it reads, "Welcome to Team Litt." Man, poor Louis. All the effort and expense and niceness and straightforwardness for nothing. I'm starting to feel like he's the protagonist on this show, and everyone else just goes around screwing him. But then I notice that he dumped the cake into a bin that's clearly for office paper only, and I don't feel quite so bad for him anymore.

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